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Polagram; reinventing your travel print needs!

If you’ve not heard of Polagram just yet then let me enlighten you. Polagram are the easy to use app that allows users to order Polaroid style prints of personal snaps at a fraction of the cost of the original, iconic but expensive Polaroid!

So how does it benefit me? I’m a snap happy kinda gal, self-acclaimed Instagram addict with a love for cold hard prints.. how could it not benefit me. No seriously, I really do believe it’s important to keep paper memories, I love scrap books and Polagram prints are the ideal size to slot in with my ticket stubs & receipts.


The pros:

The prints you receive aren’t as chunky as the original, this makes it easier to slip into my scrap books and cheaper to post.

Your choice of a personalised message is available at the checkout, making this a perfect alternative to a postcard should you travellers be missing home and wanting to post a little love back to your family & friends.

Prints are a great way to decorate a room, grab a marker pen and jot down the place & date on your photo! Then string it up on your wall, perfect!

So how does it benefit you? Ok, so you want a bit more variety in your print options, no matter, Polagram offers an array of options at reasonable costs:

1. The classic print, these are available in 3 different sizes costing £3.19 for 5 prints and an additional £0.29 for each extra print. Get it in only 24 hours!

2. The Large prints comes in 2 sizes for £2.39 and is shipped the next day, from Monday to Friday.

3. PolaSkins are the cool new design for your iPhone 4 or 5! Order your personal skin for only £9.99, a great gift idea.

4. or why not try something completely different!.. PolaSticks. For 9 personalised stickers (5 by 5 cm) you’ll pay only £12.49. Shipped in 48 hours.

I’ve got to say I’m becoming a Polagrammer Addict placing 4 orders in the past week, so tonight, I’m going to pin up my Luckies of London Corkboard Map and begin pinning my photos to my visited cities!


Would love to hear your thoughts on my review.

Rebekah Esme was kindly given this product but as always, my opinion is my own.

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World Travel; send personal, electronic postcards!

It’s always been a bit of a drag, going on holiday and having to source a nice postcard that reflects the area you have travelled to. From personal experience I have found myself putting aside half a day to hunt for the right cards to send home. Then there’s the added dilemma of actually finding a post office to buy some stamps & beating the card home before you yourself return!

I’ve toyed with the idea of personal postcards and have done some research into the best service at the right cost. Last week I stumbled across a allows travellers to send innovated papery postcard from any place in the world. No need in having a pen, stamp or even postcard! Just snap yourself in your travel destination and take it from there.

I tested out the service to see exactly how well it works and I’m delighted to say ‘I’m impressed!’. The feature works great from both a mobile device or computer and is quick and simple to navigate (it took me the grand total of 3 minutes from start to finish, and that included some dithering towards what I wanted to write!), below are some print screens of the step by step process to sending home your personalised postcard.

Select your ideal photo

Add the body of your postcard

Add a description to your photo


This also works well from a mobile device:


With the great feature of adding your signature as a personal touch!


And fully impressed with the end result! Great quality card with both the QR code and exact location of which I sent the card. My new favourite service.


I believe in today’s society we have lost some authenticity, we rely too heavily on social media. Try taking a step back & consider how much your Grandparents will appreciate this heart felt notelet. I am offering my first 10 readers a free trial. To retrieve click here:

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Global Rainbow; Olympic Games 2012

Begin a stereotypical female comes with its many stereotypes, one of which being we love twinkly lights. Having said that, the Global Rainbow, St Mary’s Lighthouse in Whitley Bay, Newcastle was fantastic making it a damn good job I asked on my feminine instincts.

The display was set up by American based artist Yvette Mattern as part of a collection of works known as Cultural Olympiad, demonstrating a series of art events throughout the UK on the run up to the Olympic games.
I wittered about going down to see it and it was well worth the drive! .. We hovered around for a good hour taking photos. The beams look different depending on the position of which you stand. Looking into the distance you see the beams merge into one, from the side beams shoot parallel to each other, and my personal favourite, looking towards the beams they widen as they shine into the sky.

Continue reading

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USA; New York the 2nd time around

Everyone’s got to do NYC at some point in their life, preferably when its fashion season. I did. 2 weeks ago in fact! It’s not the first time I’ve been to New York, but judging by the constant shrieking of a typical ‘Yorkshire lass’ you’d of thought it was!

We flew into JFK on the morning of the 15th (cheeky 4sq check in.. Keching! Jetsetter badge unlocked). We hailed a Yellow cab from outside the airport, with Norris the Nikon in hand I began to snap everything in sight. Ok, priorities. Staying in the Roosevelt hotel, just off Times Square we dropped off our bags and hit the city. That first moment when you stop and take in your surroundings is breath taking. I had to take a minute to compose myself as I stood on the corner of a busy sidewalk.

Hopping on a Grey Line tour bus we headed downtown to Ellis Island. Being 3pm by this point, the last ferry over to Ellis Island had departed. Error. So we casually jumped on the commuters ferry to Staten Island, listening to New Yorkers discussing their affairs as we went. Continue reading

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Bungee UK; Sam & James jump Teeside Transporter Bridge

Firstly credit where credits due guys! .. After watching Sam and James do their bungee jump yesterday I have to say, it’s something I would not be able to do! I did however take some snaps of them in action!

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Charity; Shoebox presents for Romania

I used to love making the shoe boxes to send abroad in school, well in primary school.. when you get to high school it seemed to drop of the ever growing list of cool things to do. So this year we started it again! .. I only managed to do 5 boxes but its better than nothing. However I seem to remember the boxes being child orientated previously, now they require specific items to be sent for the entire family. So I skipped along to Boyes and Asda to buy inexpensive items to fill my shoe boxes. Making each box even, I packed them full of the following:

A Hat, Scarf, Gloves, Socks
Toothbrush, Toothpaste
Shampoo, Soap, Flannel
Plasters, Nailclippers, Razors
Toys (army figures, playing cards, cars, dolls)
Pens, Pencils, Writing pads, Felt Tip pens
and a cuddly toy 🙂

I did well with the content of the box, almost everything requested on the list I added, however the same cannot be said for the quality of the box itself. I can’t wrap, so don’t expect a christmas present from me wrapped by my hands haa!
Link Romania is such a great charity, and making the boxes are such fun to do and can be made very inexpensive. We spent around £10 per box. But this could have been done much cheaper if we would have bought throughout the year in the sales ect. Asda was the most cost effective place to buy my items (A pack of 4 flannels worked out at around 50p!)
I intend on being very prepared for christmas 2012 and shall definitely be nagging at my friends to do a box each for Link Romania, even have a fun night in making up our boxes, an excuse for an evening with the girls and a glass of vino! haaa!

Link Romania Shoebox

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