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Global Rainbow; Olympic Games 2012

Begin a stereotypical female comes with its many stereotypes, one of which being we love twinkly lights. Having said that, the Global Rainbow, St Mary’s Lighthouse in Whitley Bay, Newcastle was fantastic making it a damn good job I asked on my feminine instincts.

The display was set up by American based artist Yvette Mattern as part of a collection of works known as Cultural Olympiad, demonstrating a series of art events throughout the UK on the run up to the Olympic games.
I wittered about going down to see it and it was well worth the drive! .. We hovered around for a good hour taking photos. The beams look different depending on the position of which you stand. Looking into the distance you see the beams merge into one, from the side beams shoot parallel to each other, and my personal favourite, looking towards the beams they widen as they shine into the sky.

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USA; New York the 2nd time around

Everyone’s got to do NYC at some point in their life, preferably when its fashion season. I did. 2 weeks ago in fact! It’s not the first time I’ve been to New York, but judging by the constant shrieking of a typical ‘Yorkshire lass’ you’d of thought it was!

We flew into JFK on the morning of the 15th (cheeky 4sq check in.. Keching! Jetsetter badge unlocked). We hailed a Yellow cab from outside the airport, with Norris the Nikon in hand I began to snap everything in sight. Ok, priorities. Staying in the Roosevelt hotel, just off Times Square we dropped off our bags and hit the city. That first moment when you stop and take in your surroundings is breath taking. I had to take a minute to compose myself as I stood on the corner of a busy sidewalk.

Hopping on a Grey Line tour bus we headed downtown to Ellis Island. Being 3pm by this point, the last ferry over to Ellis Island had departed. Error. So we casually jumped on the commuters ferry to Staten Island, listening to New Yorkers discussing their affairs as we went. Continue reading

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The Burning House Project

James brought this website to my attention the other day. The Burning house describes itself as:

The idea that you sit, and consider the things you hold most dear to you seems quite simple. Yet when I began to make a list, I found myself struggling to limit items considering most were linked to quite important memories throughout my lifetime. Anyway, heres a collection of items i’d take with me. Or metophorically speaking at least.

Listed from the top left:

  • Christian Louboutin Bianca’s. My Graduation shoes bought my my mum.
  • Hair Extensions. We all know I can’t live without them.
  • A Cinema Ticket from my first date with Sam.
  • A heart from my best friend.
  • MAC Blusher. I’m female.
  • Blackberry Bold. Who can live without BBM?!
  • My ‘little black book’, my address book filled with all my uni friends contact infomation.
  • Cheeky. My childhood comfort.
  • Tea flask. A must for winter mornings.
  • Yorkshire Tea.
  • Buddha figurine. I love Buddha.
  • A notelet from my Aunty. It makes me smile always.
  • Glitter Nail Varnish.
  • My 21st Key. A present from my Nanna.
  • Coco Butter Vaseline.
  • Ipod Touch.
  • Danbo. My favourite present from Sam. My photographic friend.
  • The Secret- Rhonda Byrne.

This is my collection. Anyone else have any to share I’d love to see your take. My friends on Project365 are doing the same.

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Photography; The magic of Polaroid

I love editing my photos to polaroid. It gives them a quirky, vintage feel. I always feel, however, the effect works best on a subject. Using myself as the subject I attempted polaroid on them through three steps of ‘development’










Personally I favour the second image. The dull-ness of the first removes an element of charecter in my opinion not allowing for the viewer to engage with the photo. The third however, crisp and bright, gives off a cold vibe. The photo looks unnaturally photoshopped. My favourite, the second, sets about the right tones. Although slighly dull it gives enough focus for the viewer to draw attention to the image.
Polaroid can be achieved in Photoshop, it can be added as a plugin. However, to those who do not have photoshop I always found Poladroid a good app to get on with allowing for you to view your image in stages of development.

Images can be found at
Any polaroid images? Please share.

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Festivities; a little touch of Christmas.

Christmas 2011, one to remember. We had our Christmas meal at the Wentbridge House Hotel, Pontefract this year. It was beautiful. To start I had a seafood risotto followed by a touch of tradition, a turkey dinner.

I ended my meal with a chocolate pudding come brownie. It was simply beautiful.
Boxing day was spent in Stockton on tees with Sam.

The boys played with their helicopter .. standard males at christmas perhaps?! haa

.. and they played with Norris the Nikon! haa

Hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas.. Until next year..

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