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Cher Lloyd; Leeds O2 Academy

De de de de dum dum, de dum dum .. guess where I’ve been this weekend with my wonderful boyfriend Sam?

Obviously Leeds.. the O2 academy to see the wonderful Cher Lloyd on her Sticks and Stones tour! I’m sure we all know how much love I have for the girl, supporting her since her very first appearance on the XFactor, she has been in my life ever since <3 haa!

I realise I offer only a bias opinion but I really do feel her show was fantastic, she has such a raw voice and her ability to perform and sing live brought the room to life.

Naturally I intended to stroll up with my digi cam .. however, its absent as of late and with my phone being critically low on battery it left me with no other option than to take my big SLR with me. With Norris the Nikon in hand we queued up.. forgetting that little venues don’t tend to allow the use of ‘professional photograph’ it was only a matter of waiting before the marshal’s took him from me, quarantining him away until the very end.

Oh and my ‘critically low’ phone died. Beyond gutted that I couldn’t even snap a shot of my beloved Cher. We did however have a fantastic time, Cher sang a great number of songs from her debut album along with a collection of classics. She’s a natural performer and a star in the making, I can only predict great things for her future.

If you are going to go to her tour however, avoid taking mum and dad, the place is packed out with 12 year olds who love to shriek not quite the scene for the parents.


… de de de de dum dum, de dum dum

Sam’s wrote his review of the gig! Be sure to check it out here.

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xFactor Tour Live; Sheffield

Are all girls the same? Do we all have an unhealthy obsession with the celebrity culture? Or is it just me.

Last night, we went to see the XFactor Tour in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Although I hadn’t really built up too much excitement over the concert itself, I was in love for the moment it kicked off. There’s something about being in an arena, I mean I know the XFactor is no Rihanna gig but still. I always remind myself of one of my good friends who always used to say ‘when I go to a concert, doesn’t matter who to see, I’m in love with that person because their a celebrity’.

I suppose were part of this obsessive culture. The era of the reality star, there just normal people, like you and me, right?

From this year’s XFactor, I have only two great loves, Misha B and Little Mix. Misha’s performance was exceptional, a talented girl with a true passion and drive, she lit up the stage.

Little Mix took position in the finale. We were so close to them so as I could get a few nice photos although using only my Blackberry camera! 🙁 .. I refuse to go to another gig without Norris the Nikon so for my next few ventures, he’s coming with me.

Were at Cher Lloyd next week.. keep a look out 😉
Visit Flickr for my set. 🙂

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xFactor UK, Frankie Cocozza

Frankie Cocozza has, as of today, been kicked off ITV’s Hit show the XFactor. It has not yet been confirmed as to why the 18 year old has been removed however statments suggest Cocozza broke one of the shows ‘Golden Rules’ thus leading to his removal.

I must admit, this doesn’t really come as a shock, Sunday night saw Dermot O’Leary questioning Frankie on the amount of sleep he had the night prior to the show, his response: ‘Half an hour’.

Frankie continuously causes controversy with his late night partying and sexual exploits meaning stats have been down on Frankie in recent weeks. Last weekend saw Frankie, once again, under criticism from the Television regulator Ofcom as, upon declaration that he was through another week, he shouted “Fucking have it” before the 9pm watershed.

On a personal note I quite like the guy, arrogant, deviant and full of self importance .. Robbie Williams?? What he lacks in talent he makes up for in attitude.. however we all know an attitude gets you nowhere in the Music Industry .. just as the Gallagher’s.. *rolls eyes*

In all honesty I wish Frankie much look for the future something I’m guessing not many others besides myself and Sam Pepper (who recently tweeted “whats everyones opinion on @frankiecocozza personally i wont judge someone till i’ve met them”) will agree with!

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