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Celebrating Female Travelers with International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th March each year, held to acknowledge the social achievements of women in a whole multitude of sectors worldwide. I’d like to take this time to appreciate the wonderful women within our industry who continue to inspire through their love for travel and blogging. Some inspirational ladies to follow so without further adieu:

World of Wanderlust: Brooke Saward originates from Tasmania and created her incredible blog in 2012. I’ve followed Brooke’s world adventures pretty much since the off, she inspires and drives my passion for travel reminding us all that hard work and passion can get us exactly where we want to be. Brooke can be found at http://www.worldofwanderlust.com and I personally recommend you check out her Instagram, it’s out of this world! https://instagram.com/worldwanderlust/

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World Travel; Meet the Blogger with Rosie Marshall

Recently, I provided a piece for Rosie at Why not Blog it Down. As 2014 comes to a close Rosie interviewed me for a Meet the Blogger section on her blog. Here’s my responses to Rosie’s questions!

Meet the Blogger

Name: Rebekah

Blog Name: Rebekah Esme Travels

Blog Description: Rebekahesme.com was born on an August evening in 2011, brought to life to share my passion for Writing, Photography and Travel with bloggers alike. Over time a noticeable adaptation is evident within the style of writing portrayed across the site. Initially intended to mealy document my activities (valued more as an online diary) over time it escalated into a collation of my Memoirs teamed with Reviews and Experiences to be shared with you all.
More recently I have channeled my passion for travel into reviews and tips based on my experience travelling around the world. In 2013, I hired a car and took a Roadtrip around USA. In 2014 I explored much more of America/ Europe and Asia. In 2015 I embark on a 6 month world trip where I intend to document my travels as I go!
Follow my adventures along with 1.1k+ friends on Instagram or join my 500+ friends on Twitter.

1. What was your first song played on your iPod?
I well remember when Apple launched its very first iPod, my friend and I nagged our parent’s months before Christmas for a Mini iPod! A pink one of course. Back then my two best friends had a huge conflict in musical genre, one favoured Indie whilst the other lived for Hip Hop. I have vivid memories listening to What Katie Did – The Libertines one minute switching to Welcome Back – Mase the next!

2. What bloggers do you look upto and why?
I love to travel and embrace all it has to offer, which is why some of my all-time favourite bloggers are travel blogger. Brooke Seward of World of Wanderlust is phenomenal, she inspires me and so many other to follow our dreams and keep our aspirations alive.
I recently discovered an addition to my favourite travel blogs. At the InnTravel Discovery Day Conference I met travel bloggers Andrea & Jack Montgomery who swapped their lives in Manchester to live full time in Tenerife. Jack & Andy write guidebooks and reviews, they really have a niche & inspire me.
Aside from travel, it’s no secret I have a great love for fashion! That’s why Victoria of inthefrow takes prime spot as my ultimate favourite fashion blogger, Victoria recently sold some of her stunning items on Depop and I was honoured to get the beautiful Skinny Dip London phone case I’ve drooled over for months!
3. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Tough question! My best friend went travelling this summer, she’d been asking me to go out and visit her and I’d mildly considered. She skyped me one week telling me she’d a 3 week gap where she could be on her own and pleaded with me to book a flight. I flew out the following week.

If you’ve any further questions I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at rebekah[at]rebekahesme.com or via Twitter/ Instagram

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America; navigating New York with The Citizen of the World

One of my many passions in travel writing is discovering likeminded people with different goals in life. Recently I discovered the wonderful Liz who created her company The Citizen of the World in October 2013. Liz has created two stunning products, the New York City Travel Guide & Map, and Luggage Tag. I’m fascinated with unique designers and their products, a combination of experience, talent & desire is what stands these people aside from the everyday brands.

I have a passion for New York and after my 4th trip decided to invest in one of Liz’s New York City Travel Guides & Maps for my 5th trip to the city. The Citizen of the World map retails at a reasonable USD 12 and can be purchased directly via their Etsy Store.


Liz so kindly shared they story of herself, and how she came to create her brand with us, enjoy and as always, we love to hear your feedback!

“One of the first memories that I have from being a little kid was waking up very early every Sunday morning and telling my dad to take me out on a “trip”. It did not matter where he would take me or how long it would take to get there as long as I was in route to a new place. He had no choice but to take me places in my little hometown: Merida, Venezuela.

I am an adult now. I am also an avid traveler. I have lived in South America, Europe and I am currently based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. I am absolutely in love with travel. Experiencing different cultures, cities, flavors, nationalities and idiosyncrasies is my ultimate dream. I think the best way to get to know a new place and its culture is by walking and mixing up with the locals. And this is where my creation comes handy: The Citizen of The World – Travel Guide and Map will help you decide where to go and what to do.


I merge my passion for photography with traveling. I also write about my travel experiences for two Spanish language online publications: Inspirulina and De Todo Un Foco. I strive to improve travel experiences by designing objects and content which are appealing to the eye while also practical and efficient.

My first project is a New York City Guide & Travel Map accompanied by a Luggage Tag. I wrote all the content and developed the sketches. Then I paired with a very talented graphic designer based in Oporto, Portugal. We worked together to portrait my ideas, aesthetic and travel experiences. I decided to design these two items out of frustration with travel books and other travel related objects: bulky books with tons of text, lack of specific addresses for interesting places and a somewhat biased narrative of what to visit. I don’t want someone telling me about their experiences beforehand. Just point me to the right places and leave it for me to enjoy the experience in my own terms. For instance, the NYC Guide has some of the landmarks that you can’t miss but it also includes some places that had a particular impact in me. My product is beautifully designed, compact to carry, simple to understand. It includes addresses meant to be keyed into GPS devices and smart phones. The Luggage Tag is an artistic representation of a passport with some names in English & Spanish, this latter my native language.


My message to everybody is: it does not matter if you have lots of little money, if you are going somewhere close by or to the other side of the world; the most important thing is to experience new places, because the world is waiting for you!”

Liz at The Citizen Of The World


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