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Tansler; their place in the travel industry evolution.

Most people will agree with my statement that the way we book holidays is changing, remember the days when our parents scrolled through Teletext to book our all-inclusive to Mallorca? Well, things have changed, we enjoy the freedom of trolling the web reading countless reviews and booking our packages at our leisure. Now imagine a time when we can set a genuine price for our holiday, welcome to the world of Tansler.

Tansler.com offers holiday homes and rentals as an auction format. You’re required to enter the standard details (Location, Dates) but with one mighty catch, you the consumer sets the price! As the consumer you are required to choose 2 or more properties that you are interested in, set your price for the stay and hit submit. The chosen holiday homes then bid for your custom, the first to accept your offer is the winner! If nobody accepts your offer after 24 hours the auction is simply cancelled and you revise your price.
An excellent concept in my humble opinion, I mean, take a quiet week where you’ve decided on a break and found your desired locations, say the rental property doesn’t have any custom but doesn’t want the week to pass unoccupied, the potential for you to get a great bargain and for the rental property to acquire a reasonable income is fantastic!

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5 World Travel; Top Places to see in the New Year

I love New Year, out with the old and in with the new, Auld Lang Syne & a glass of fizz, what more could we want? I’ll tell you, to travel and embrace new experiences in a multitude of diverse cultures. New Year is a special time and all parts of the world celebrate in various different ways.

I put together my top tip of places to see New Year in, if you’re still looking, get booked! If not then add them to your bucket list.

1. York, United Kingdom – Hundreds flock to York Minster for the 12 chimes, if you’re lucky (and early) you can go inside and take a seat! I’ve never been that early which means standing outside in the wonderful atmosphere surrounded by the wonderful Yorkshire Folk. If you’ve never visited York it’s a must for your travel calendar, Christmas is a magical time in this historic city.
2. New York, America – We move from a historic York to an ultra-modern New York! Counting down the seconds in Times Square is most definitely top of my bucket list for the near future! Having visited the city 5 times I’ve never been quite lucky enough to experience a New Year in the big apple.
3. Koh Panyang, Thailand – arguably a much more roudy New Year celebration but I spent this summer in Thailand and the people spoke of how fantastic the Full Moon Party is for New Year. Celebrations on the beach with a bucket is why this a top pick for me!
4. Sydney, Australia – we’ve seen the TV, how incredible does the firework display off the Sydney Harbour Bridge look! If I didn’t already want to visit Australia then I do now!
5. Tokyo, Japan – Shibuya crossing is the place to celebrate New Year, a little like New York you can find yourself surrounded by the masses ringing in the chimes!

I’ll leave you on a festive note, The World says Happy Christmas!

The World Says Happy Christmas

Have a great New Year everyone, looking forward to sharing my 2015 adventures with you all xx

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Europe; Amsterdam: how to see it in 1 day.

So you’ve got one day to see the city, where do you start. Although Amsterdam is heavily associated with drugs and prostitution, there really is so much more to see and do. From the Van Gough Museum to the Heineken Brewery there really is something for everyone.

So, Amsterdam in 12hours.

9am- if your fortunate enough to be up and about for 9am then you’ll probably find not much else is, take yourself down to the Dam Square and grab a coffee and croissant, watch the city come to life.

10.30- consider visiting a museum of choice, try the Van Gough, Anne Franks House or Madam Tussauds,
now is a great time before the queues get too long.

12.00- take a wander down the red light district of the city, not quite as seedy as you’d be lead to believe. Do not take photographs of these girls, they don’t respond well.

1.00- fancy some lunch, just down from the Dam Square are many ally’s lined with great eateries! I’d recommend Pasta Pasta!

2.30- once you’ve explored the many souvenir shops, take a walk back across the Dam Square and over to the ‘I Amsterdam’ sign! Great for a photo opportunity.

3.00- Amsterdam’s most famous for a city of bikes, why not hire a city bike and go explore the city, find a nice spot by the river bed to sit and watch the world go by.

5.00- the city really does come to life at night! Head off for some tea before hitting the bars for a couple of bevs!

Hope this helps! Here’s some personal snaps from my time in the city.





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