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Travel Food, the good and the bad

I’m sure more than enough of us are well conversed in the art of ‘pre-holiday diets’, I know I’m a sucker for fad dieting! But how can you make sure that holiday figure remain ensuring you don’t return home with an unwanted souvenir around your waist!

Holiday eating is different from Travel eating, for a start travellers don’t usually have the privilege of an all-inclusive hotel, plus we don’t have the funds to splurge on expensive three course meals, but we all have the potential to pick the wrong foods whilst away. So here’s my top tips on how to avoid gaining extra pounds whilst abroad.

Choosing a starter as a main – it’s easy to over indulge, why not opt for a starter or two starter combined rather than a main. By doing this we often avoid all the unhealthy sides such as fries and end up with the best part of the meal! Try Tapas style food if you want to try the countries delicacies.

Opt for Self Catering Accommodation – this way you can cook the healthy food you eat back at home, and it also means you don’t over eat at breakfast. Do a quick food shop and stock up on fruit to keep you going through the day.
Share meals with your partner – when we visited America last year the portion sizes were incredible, we opted to split the meal. This works better with the likes of Fajita style dishes for the ease of plate sharing!
Keep up the fitness – we understand it’s not always possible to find a gym, but get out in the air and walk, swap your beach day for a day of exploring that local waterfall.

Rebekah xx

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Freightliner Cruise Ships, a unique alternative to flying

Freightliner Cruise Ships, yep you heard me right. Until recently I didn’t even know this was a thing but alas, search hard enough and you’ll find just about anything on the web.

To those, like me, who are not familiar with this concept here’s what I’ve discovered. Cruising on cargo ships might seem like an odd concept, and like me at first, you envisage being cabined up on a working vessel, however this is not quite the case. People who travel on freighters are along for the ride on a vessel that frequently stops to drop off cargo at a whole multitude of ports. These ports are sometimes, but not always, freight specific, giving the traveller the novelty of avoiding the gaudy tourism and experience rural attractions usually only experienced by the locals.
Sounding better? Ports are usually only a stone’s throw from commercial ports and cities making it easy to venture out to experience the local tourism as desired. When in port passengers are required to make their own arrangements, no organised trips are planned for freightliner cruisers.

One main perk of this whole experience is that timescales are far more relaxed with freight cruises, passengers generally have much more time to explore cities than scheduled with regular cruises. Although it’s key to remember that a sea freight isn’t a cruise, passengers are left to their own devices whilst away and mealtimes are taken with the crew.
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Insurance, getting the right cover

Sounds pretty simple and boring, I mean how many times has your mum nagged you to be careful and remember your insurance? Well your mum’s right, when travelling it really is important that you are covered correctly, who wants to find out their not covered whilst laid up in a foreign hospital? Here’s my 5 essential’s when taking out travel insurance for your next trip.

1. Be covered for your destination – How daft does this one sounds! It’s true though, you might be venturing off to Europe for some inter-railing but are you covered for Turkey? Morocco? Places like these are often excluded from European travel insurance so check before you purchase.
photo 2

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Australia; taking the next travel step

Recently I met the wonderful Claire, blogger/writer/contents strategics from Peterborough. Claire invited me along to a Jack the Ripper event in London which was when I discovered her talented blog. Claire is passionate about travel and has written a piece expressing her views towards taking the next step when travelling.

“As a travel lover, I’ve always fancied the idea of taking the next step and making the travel life my daily reality. In fact, after I left University, I was pretty sure that my plan was going to be to move to Canada for a year, maybe even two, but circumstances dictated that I didn’t in the end. I’ve not ruled it out though – at 24 (okay, okay, I’m 25 next week!), I’m still young enough that in a few years, I can head on out. Besides, I’ve lived in America for work aged 19 for 3 months, and I get to go away at least three times a year, so I’m not doing too badly!
My ‘little’ sister, however (she’s nearly 22… but she will always be my little sister!), has just moved to Australia and I’m going to be eternally jealous (until, of course, I eventually do it myself!). Despite not being an envious person in nature at all, when it comes to the fact that it’s bitterly cold over in not-so-sunny England, it’s hard to deal with the fact that she’s lazing around on a lovely warm beach in Sydney. My sister (like me!) can be a bit of an anxious person, and so I’m really proud of her for taking this step. She’s one of those people who has mentioned doing this for quite a while, but I sort of never imagined she’d actually do it. Now, however, she has a job and everything, and she has an apartment with her boyfriend and some nice flatmates right on the Harbour.

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UK; the terrifying tales of Jack the Ripper

I’ve always been one for the weird and wonderful, some might say a sucker for a ghost story, fable or myth so when Claire of Dafity invited me along on the Jack the Ripper Walking Tour on behalf of the London based organisation I was there! A dull Sunday evening in the beginning of January was a great time to take a 2 hour trail through the back streets and ally’s of East London learning the horrors of the Legend, Jack the Ripper.

Ripper Visions Jack the Ripper Walk prides it’s self on being London’s number 1 tour in the East End, I’d quite happily agree with that statement! Our tour guide Richard was charismatic, he kept us gripped throughout the entire walk, and his knowledge and beliefs on the story of JTR made me buy into it so very easily!
So, when there’s so many different companies why pick Ripper Vision? JTR Walk are the first of their kind to take the conventional story telling into the 21st century. A hand held projector is used by their tour guides during the walk to project photographs, letters and memorabilia from the time of Jack the Ripper (as imagined, not for the faint hearted!), and wow, what a revelation! Projecting visuals gives so much depth to the story, increases credibility and generates empathy amongst the on looking audience, Jack the Ripper Walk leads the way in so many aspects.
imageJack the Ripper Walking Tour meets outside Whitechapel Art Gallery in Aldergate East and runs 7 days a week. Tour tickets are at a cost of £10pp when booked online. Leave Aldergate East Tube Station at Exit 3.
To book your tickets visit them here: http://www.thejacktheripperwalk.com or tweet them at @jackripperwalk

Rebekah xx

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USA; 12 crazy things about America!

12 of the oddest things you should come probably come to terms with before you visit the USA

1. They tip! EVERYONE! See here, my guide to tipping in the USA

2. Tax, you pick it up at a nice round $10 and then BOOM ‘that’ll be $12.39 please’ WHAT?!
3. Their amazing approach to explaining directions ‘ok so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna make a right, and then make a left’ AWSOME!
4. Supersize! Oh yes, been faced with the ‘want to make that a large’ is considered an insult ‘want to make that supersize’ is now the question

5. Crossing the road. In England, its pretty much a free for all. Crossings are there but whatever. Oh no in America, you cross at crossings, crazy right?
6. Cheerleaders, at almost every sporting event they are there! WHY?!

7. Pep rally’s, again, what even is this?!
8. Peanut Butter, you guys have it on all the menu’s, even with Jam.

9. Flags, patriotism and dedicated love for the United States of America
10. Oprah

11. Free refills, amazing and slowly reaching us in the UK but American’s love the free refills!

12. 7/11, you’ve got one on EVERY corner.
Accept these 12 factors for an awesome trip! I love you America!

Lots of love, Rebekah xx

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World Travel; Meet the Blogger with Rosie Marshall

Recently, I provided a piece for Rosie at Why not Blog it Down. As 2014 comes to a close Rosie interviewed me for a Meet the Blogger section on her blog. Here’s my responses to Rosie’s questions!

Meet the Blogger

Name: Rebekah

Blog Name: Rebekah Esme Travels

Blog Description: Rebekahesme.com was born on an August evening in 2011, brought to life to share my passion for Writing, Photography and Travel with bloggers alike. Over time a noticeable adaptation is evident within the style of writing portrayed across the site. Initially intended to mealy document my activities (valued more as an online diary) over time it escalated into a collation of my Memoirs teamed with Reviews and Experiences to be shared with you all.
More recently I have channeled my passion for travel into reviews and tips based on my experience travelling around the world. In 2013, I hired a car and took a Roadtrip around USA. In 2014 I explored much more of America/ Europe and Asia. In 2015 I embark on a 6 month world trip where I intend to document my travels as I go!
Follow my adventures along with 1.1k+ friends on Instagram or join my 500+ friends on Twitter.

1. What was your first song played on your iPod?
I well remember when Apple launched its very first iPod, my friend and I nagged our parent’s months before Christmas for a Mini iPod! A pink one of course. Back then my two best friends had a huge conflict in musical genre, one favoured Indie whilst the other lived for Hip Hop. I have vivid memories listening to What Katie Did – The Libertines one minute switching to Welcome Back – Mase the next!

2. What bloggers do you look upto and why?
I love to travel and embrace all it has to offer, which is why some of my all-time favourite bloggers are travel blogger. Brooke Seward of World of Wanderlust is phenomenal, she inspires me and so many other to follow our dreams and keep our aspirations alive.
I recently discovered an addition to my favourite travel blogs. At the InnTravel Discovery Day Conference I met travel bloggers Andrea & Jack Montgomery who swapped their lives in Manchester to live full time in Tenerife. Jack & Andy write guidebooks and reviews, they really have a niche & inspire me.
Aside from travel, it’s no secret I have a great love for fashion! That’s why Victoria of inthefrow takes prime spot as my ultimate favourite fashion blogger, Victoria recently sold some of her stunning items on Depop and I was honoured to get the beautiful Skinny Dip London phone case I’ve drooled over for months!
3. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Tough question! My best friend went travelling this summer, she’d been asking me to go out and visit her and I’d mildly considered. She skyped me one week telling me she’d a 3 week gap where she could be on her own and pleaded with me to book a flight. I flew out the following week.

If you’ve any further questions I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at rebekah[at]rebekahesme.com or via Twitter/ Instagram

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