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Packing; the top 10 essentials you’ll need for your trip

Packing, top 10 essentials
I’ve been asked a on a number of occasions how I travel so light when I’m on a trip, honestly? I really really don’t. It’s important to keep the number of items you take on a trip with you to a minimum, so I’ve given it my best and collated my list of the top 10 items when travelling.

1. Fitbit – yes, I’m a Fitbit addict and after over a years’ worth of ownership I swear by my fitness friend. My Fitbit tracks my steps taken/distance covered/calories burnt whilst on the road and is my number one pick for travelling. It also doubles up as a watch too!

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10 cheap places to fly in Europe

If you, like me, base in the UK then you are fortunate enough to have the wonders of Europe right on our doorstep, whether it’s by flight, boat or train that you choose to travel to access mainland Europe you really can pay only pounds.

So, if your looking to get away this year on the cheap here’s my top pick for Europe breaks.

1. Destination: Prague, Czech Republic
Flights: from £27.49 one way from Manchester Airport

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When’s the cheapest time to book a flight?

Cheapest Time to Book a Flight 2
So, if your like me and you constantly search for cheap flights then you’ve probably done a lot of experimenting with different dates, incognito browsers, you get the gist. Well, I read somewhere this week in a Cheapair.com article that the best time to book your flights is EXACTLY 47 days before you fly

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