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5 ways to discover more outdoors

Today’s Britain is a society of Netflix devotees, Youtube starlets and online gamers, as a nation we spend 90% of our time indoors, why! As a travel blogger it’s my passion to get out there, explore, and immerse myself in new activities. Here, I give you 5 ways you can shake up your routine and explore more outdoors.

Discover new cultures

Travel is all about discovery and pushing your limits. How many photos have you seen of the limestone caves of Thailand, or the selfie on the edge of the Grand Canyon? When considering your next holiday ask yourself, how can you make the most of the surrounding areas, check for inspiring walks and seek out the best viewpoints.




Explore more locally

Travel isn’t always about catching a plane. Can you say you’ve discovered all your surrounding areas have to offer? I’m blessed to base in Teesside, which is positioned on the verge of the Yorkshire Dales, Northumberland & the East Coast. We spend our weekends taking local walks, it costs nothing but time to get out there!



Mountains & Hikes

Set yourself a challenge, this month my fiancé is taking part in the 3 peak challenge which consists of climbing the 3 largest mountains in the UK (England, Scotland & Wales) in 24 hours. Not quite up to this extreme? No problem, choose one and take a leisurely stroll up, we promise the views from the top will be worth the hike.


Say no to hotels, say yes to alternative accommodation

A weekend away? A hotel? Been there, done that! Research alternative accommodation surrounding your chosen destination, how about a narrow boat on the canal? Or a Treehouse in the forest? Canopy and Stars have something to suit everyone.



Take up an outdoor activity

Find something you love doing outdoors, for me that’s Geocaching. No matter where you are there is always a Geocache close by. The worldwide outdoor treasure hunt has allowed us to discover a range of area’s we would never have visited. Thank you Geocaching!



Have you any further tips for discovering the outdoors? Share them!

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Freightliner Cruise Ships, a unique alternative to flying

Freightliner Cruise Ships, yep you heard me right. Until recently I didn’t even know this was a thing but alas, search hard enough and you’ll find just about anything on the web.

To those, like me, who are not familiar with this concept here’s what I’ve discovered. Cruising on cargo ships might seem like an odd concept, and like me at first, you envisage being cabined up on a working vessel, however this is not quite the case. People who travel on freighters are along for the ride on a vessel that frequently stops to drop off cargo at a whole multitude of ports. These ports are sometimes, but not always, freight specific, giving the traveller the novelty of avoiding the gaudy tourism and experience rural attractions usually only experienced by the locals.
Sounding better? Ports are usually only a stone’s throw from commercial ports and cities making it easy to venture out to experience the local tourism as desired. When in port passengers are required to make their own arrangements, no organised trips are planned for freightliner cruisers. Check out the long distance moving reviews here.

One main perk of this whole experience is that timescales are far more relaxed with freight cruises, passengers generally have much more time to explore cities than scheduled with regular cruises. Although it’s key to remember that a sea freight isn’t a cruise, passengers are left to their own devices whilst away and mealtimes are taken with the crew.
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