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Perception; why it’s easier to dumb down for society

This morning I stumbled upon TOWIE’s own Tom P’s article defending his intelligence and the majority of Reality TV Stars. It got me thinking, is it easier playing the dumb blonde than it is aspiring to excel in the stock market.

When Jessica Wright mistakenly tweeted ‘rest in peace’ following the death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il you could almost hear the stereotypes being sharpened.

The response was immediate and vicious.

Here, snarled the chattering classes, was glaring proof The Only Way is Essex, which Jessica and I both star in, was a TV show populated by the clueless and watched by their less clever relatives.

For despite its mega-success, knocking shows like TOWIE – and the people who appear in them – has become a national pastime.

Case closed, your honour.

It doesn’t matter that the economy is tanking, Europe’s crashing around our ears, and, let’s face it, England are still a very long way from Euro 2012 glory.

The problem is, despite a stereotype fuelled by years of Essex Girl jokes, we’re not all uneducated idiots, no matter what the critics might think.

For what it’s worth, I’ve got a First in economics from Loughborough University and, believe it or not, Diags is a former law student. Ask around if you think that’s an easy course to get onto. Incidentally, Jessica has got a degree in business and marketing management and is very bright.

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