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I defeated Scepticism, The Secret

Someone once told me that you are what you think about most. A crazy statement to make.. I mean currently I’m thinking about chicken nuggets.. I’ve not transformed into one massive battered piece of chicken. But that’s not quite what the statement means.

I have a friend, a very positive loveable optimistic friend, who introduced me to the powers of positive thinking a few years back. She told me that if your defeatist and upset then how can you possibly attract good things to your life. You must always look on the brighter side of life *I sense a song coming on*. So I decided to do just that, and over the last few years decided to put her theory to the test.
















It’s easy to fall into a state of ‘can’t do’s’ and so she told me that the powers of positive thinking lies with visualisation, being able to visualise what you want to attract to your life being present in your life already. A difficult feat for a typically sceptical girl. I’m not the most optimistic of people: downside, but when I think about something I want my brain witters and witters until it’s exhausted the subject: upside. I used this quality to put this theory to the test.

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