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Project Patio – New Home Improvements

When we decided to purchase our new home, the garden was a huge selling point. So much green meant so much potential. We moved into our Taylor Wimpey Whitford in 2017 and had always planned on extending the patio from our living room double doors to bring the garden into our home.

Lockdown 2020 has given us the time, and motivation, we’ve been searching for, that is why we took inspiration from retractable roof systems Melbourne to create a beautiful space at home.

Having little experience with patio’s myself I completely took Sam’s lead on this one, like with most DIY projects! Hubby started by consulting youtube and came to the decision that we would dig to around 150mm across the whole area. Below, I’ve put together a step by step guide on how we achieved our perfect patio.

The pest control Coburg recommends before starting with any project, to first fumigate your patio to keep pests away from it.

Raccoons, and skunks and bats, oh my! Bexar County Texas is a haven for wildlife that likes to cause trouble in homes. Add snakes and dead animals to that list and you have some problems. Bailey’s Critter Removal services says to keep food put away so animals are not attracted to your home.

If you search on line for mole control, you will find that the mole trapping process greatly varies. There are several approaches for getting rid of moles, including poison worms, mole traps and using grub treatments. Moles are also active in the winter says Jack Waterway from Best Way Animal Removal.


Tools we used: Shovels, Spades & Rakes, Skip or Grab Van (we hired a grab van), Wacker (can be hired locally for the day), Wheelbarrow (if moving turf to a skip).

Before we started we ran a string from one end of the garden to the other, ensuring it was straight and used this as our marker to know where to dig up to.

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Hey Everyone, something a little different from me today. In 2011 I started this little blog to document my travels and lifestyle, alot has changed for Sam & I in the last 10 years and although we still love to travel I’m looking to focus my attention on our family home and spend more time documenting our family adventures.

That being said, I’d love to introduce you all to @thewhitford.taylorwimpey! We moved into our first Taylor Wimpey home in October 2017 and have been adding our own personal touches ever since.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, we have spent many day, weeks, completing DIY projects which I plan to share with you all. I look forward to sharing more content around our home, family lifestyle, and family travel, I hope you enjoy following our adventures too.

The Whitford, Taylor Wimpey, New build
The Whitford, Taylor Wimpey, New build
The Whitford, Taylor Wimpey, New build, Decal Folk
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