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USA; a guide to hiring a car abroad

USA a guide to hiring
Our post today is from the wonderful Sylvie Hall, life-loving, health and well-being enthusiast from Leeds and is the founder of www.mycottontales.com

Sylvie hopes to travel the world and write for a living, she provided us with this wonderful article aimed to help anyone looking to hire a car abroad for the first time.

“When you start driving, it’s hard to imagine life B.C (before car) as the freedom to go anywhere, at anytime soon begins to feel like a right rather than a privilege.

So next time you go away on holiday or travelling, will you take the plunge and hire a car abroad? Having a car gives you so much auto-nomy (ha!), as you can pick somewhere completely random to explore for the day, put on your Ray Bans and go. Of course, you can always use public transport, but it’s definitely not as spontaneous or as rock star an experience as cruising around in your rental, with your music blasting and the wind in your hair.

I’ve hired a car in many countries such as Croatia, Spain, Sweden and the USA and found it so easy to do and incredibly rewarding, which is why I want to share with you my Guide To Hiring A Car Abroad.

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UK: St Mary’s Inn, Hotel Review

So this week I was fortunate to spend two nights with the spectacular St Mary’s Inn, Morpeth located in the heart of Northumberland, UK. It’s just been Easter and we wanted to get out into the countryside to explore! St Mary’s Inn is perfectly situated for just that, positioned in a corner of Northumberland is the B&B which has recently has been transformed from the former administration building of St Mary’s hospital to quaint, contemporary first class accommodation.

The Suite:

Rooms at St Mary’s Inn are as close as you can feel to being at home. Rooms perfectly reflect the pubs ambiance and the ‘country bumpkin’ theme flows throughout incorporating striking antique cabinets with contemporary bathroom suites.


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Matilda on Broadway, New York City

We’ve all seen Matilda, that childhood classic. The story of a bright and rebellious little girl, with special powers. Matilda’s parents, Mr and Mrs Wormwood, have no time for her and treat her as a nuisance. She spends most of her time reading books from the library astonishingly quickly, whilst they watch TV. Life for Matilda is no better at school despite the care and support of her teacher, Miss Honey. Matilda decides the grown-ups should be taught a lesson and in the process discovers her supernatural powers!


Roald Dahl’s Matilda is performed at the Sam S Shubert Theater on Broadway! Such a beautiful theater only a stones throw away from Times Square. I was so excited to see Matilda on Broadway as I’d heard great reviews of the show! We headed off to TKTS ticket booth to pick up our last minute tickets for the show and, of course, the only tickets available were in the upper tier. FEAR NOT FRIENDS, this matters not! The theater itself is small in comparison to so many others so although we were ‘high’ up, this was nothing compared to the seat’s we’ve had in the past.

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St Patricks Day; 4 reasons to visit Ireland

Our beloved Ireland, home to the Fairies, Leprechauns & Shamrocks, I visited Dublin a little earlier in the year and fell in love with the mystique and charm of the country. Here at my 4 reasons why you should add Ireland to your travel journals for 2015.
1. Guinness- Irelands favourite tipple and consumed worldwide. Visit the Guinness Storehouse situated at St James Gate Brewery, Dublin. The attraction now welcomes over 1million visitors each year. Tourists flock to discover the history and experience hands on the process of creating the perfect pint. Whilst you’re here you’ll learn how to pull the perfect pint and even sample your produce.
2. Giant’s Causeway – The only NUESCO World Heritage Site in Northern Ireland! Emerge yourself in Tradition Irish Folklore and discover the tales of how the Causeway was created by Giant Finn McCool, legend reveals all there is to know about this fantastic attraction.

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Celebrating Female Travelers with International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th March each year, held to acknowledge the social achievements of women in a whole multitude of sectors worldwide. I’d like to take this time to appreciate the wonderful women within our industry who continue to inspire through their love for travel and blogging. Some inspirational ladies to follow so without further adieu:

World of Wanderlust: Brooke Saward originates from Tasmania and created her incredible blog in 2012. I’ve followed Brooke’s world adventures pretty much since the off, she inspires and drives my passion for travel reminding us all that hard work and passion can get us exactly where we want to be. Brooke can be found at http://www.worldofwanderlust.com and I personally recommend you check out her Instagram, it’s out of this world! https://instagram.com/worldwanderlust/

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World Travel; Making money whilst Travelling

We’ve all done it, looked at those people travelling and thought God, how do they really afford it?! It’s true most people save up for their travels, but many people have successfully worked their way around the world. I admit, if you’re looking for luxury then you should check out my post on 5 Top Travel Jobs here, but if you’re looking to earn a bob or two to keep you ticking then here’s my top tips for staying afloat.

1. Cut Hair – we’ve all chopped a little from our own fro, who hasn’t attacked their fringe right? We’ll put those skills to good use on your travels, you’re surrounded by traveller’s alike, offer out cheap haircuts to other travellers, they get a new barnet and you get a few quid, win win!

2. Menu Writing – how often you step into a restaurant abroad and see chicken spelt ‘Ciken’, offering your writing skills will help the restaurant’s business with future customers, if you change a small amount you may even get your meal thrown in for free.
3. Tour Guide – for those of you who have spent a length of time in one area its worth checking out, in some countries you may need to link up with a tour company, in others you can simply go solo. Free tours are the best option if you’re not too confident in your skills, work for tips.

4. Teach English – nearly everywhere you go companies are crying out for English speaking employees. Check out eslcafe.com, send in a few applications to schools in South Korea, Japan, Thailand or dozens of other locations & you’ll be surprised at how many interviews you land.
5. Travel Blogging – you don’t have to be a travel blogger but given your current situation it could well be your best option. Check out fellow travel bloggers and look up the best ways to make money blogging.

Have you traveled and made money through different means? Get in touch! We’d love to hear more.

Rebekah xx

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Travel Food, the good and the bad

I’m sure more than enough of us are well conversed in the art of ‘pre-holiday diets’, I know I’m a sucker for fad dieting! But how can you make sure that holiday figure remain ensuring you don’t return home with an unwanted souvenir around your waist!

Holiday eating is different from Travel eating, for a start travellers don’t usually have the privilege of an all-inclusive hotel, plus we don’t have the funds to splurge on expensive three course meals, but we all have the potential to pick the wrong foods whilst away. So here’s my top tips on how to avoid gaining extra pounds whilst abroad.

Choosing a starter as a main – it’s easy to over indulge, why not opt for a starter or two starter combined rather than a main. By doing this we often avoid all the unhealthy sides such as fries and end up with the best part of the meal! Try Tapas style food if you want to try the countries delicacies.

Opt for Self Catering Accommodation – this way you can cook the healthy food you eat back at home, and it also means you don’t over eat at breakfast. Do a quick food shop and stock up on fruit to keep you going through the day.
Share meals with your partner – when we visited America last year the portion sizes were incredible, we opted to split the meal. This works better with the likes of Fajita style dishes for the ease of plate sharing!
Keep up the fitness – we understand it’s not always possible to find a gym, but get out in the air and walk, swap your beach day for a day of exploring that local waterfall.

Rebekah xx

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