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Getting Creative.

I love messing around with photoshop.. can you tell?? .. I’ve made several banners recently for different project so thought I’d share them with you all :).
The first, being a banner for my photography projects. I like to keep to a theme, therefore I run the sketch theme throughout. Although I adapt sketches, again, I tend to run the theme of princess/fashion. Rebekah Esme Photography will be used in various locations on the web where my photography is present.
The Second image being my current header, a clean simple header used for my blog, I really like the simplicity of this.
My third and fourth headers are for a project I am currently working on, they retain my fashion theme however incorperate both sketch with a girlie font.

What do you think?

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Photography; The magic of Polaroid

I love editing my photos to polaroid. It gives them a quirky, vintage feel. I always feel, however, the effect works best on a subject. Using myself as the subject I attempted polaroid on them through three steps of ‘development’










Personally I favour the second image. The dull-ness of the first removes an element of charecter in my opinion not allowing for the viewer to engage with the photo. The third however, crisp and bright, gives off a cold vibe. The photo looks unnaturally photoshopped. My favourite, the second, sets about the right tones. Although slighly dull it gives enough focus for the viewer to draw attention to the image.
Polaroid can be achieved in Photoshop, it can be added as a plugin. However, to those who do not have photoshop I always found Poladroid a good app to get on with allowing for you to view your image in stages of development.

Images can be found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/rebekahesme
Any polaroid images? Please share.

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