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Photography; Sam got me Danbo!
































eeeek! I love Danbo so much. Hes such a good little muse!

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Bungee UK; Sam & James jump Teeside Transporter Bridge

Firstly credit where credits due guys! .. After watching Sam and James do their bungee jump yesterday I have to say, it’s something I would not be able to do! I did however take some snaps of them in action!

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Photography; a few favourites


Rebekah Esme Photography

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Project 365, Inspired by Ariel Magyawe Jr


Different things inspire us all and when I discovered 365project (of which I upload a photo a day) I also discovered Ariel Magyawe Jr. This guy takes the most incrediable self portraits I have seen, his style is unique which is why he acts as an inspiration to me.
A Bright Idea by arielmagyawejr
溺死 by arielmagyawejr
Envy by arielmagyawejr
Poison by arielmagyawejr
I enjoy following Ariel on 365 Project and thank him for the inspiration he offers to me and, without doubt, to others.
Other photograph’s discovered on the website that have inspired me with my own photography are as follows:
067.365 | Gattaca by deliriousoul
Pencil Fizz  by flamez
Strawberry Splash by jasonbarnette
ANGELES_NIGHT by thrillskills
If I Were Mad As A Hatter... by amyhughes
JAPAN by jodimuli
#44 by sam_cr
20110429 by emsabh
Thankyou all for your continuous inspiration.
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