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York, North Yorkshire; Winter Wonderland.

Don’t you just love Christmas?! .. This week has been thee most Christmasy week. Sunday night involved Sam and myself going to York to see the Coca Cola Lorry from the famous advert!
.. I was amazing, it really helped put me in the chirstmas spirit! .. You’ll also be happy to know I purchased my first Christmas present yesterday! WHOOP!
After quite a busy morning at work, I intend to spend my afternoon trawling round the many grotto’s of Meadowhall, Sheffield, in the hope that I can find some much needed presents for the loved ones.
Oh, and I’m overly excited for this weekend. Beck is entering into a Winter Wonderland. Sam and myself are going to visit the Capital (being London) for a spot of Iceskating! Somerset House does an annual Ice Rink, we booked tickets for the event months ago (Tickets costing around £17/18pp) and it seems to have come round so fast! .. Were also going to the Ice Bar in London (again, costing a simalar amount) whereby everything is made from ice, upon entrance you are provided with a thermal coat and are able to choose from a selection of drinks. The event last’s 40 minutes so as you can imagane, I’m very excitable about this.

Norris the Nikon shall be coming with me to London so expect photos upon my return! Hope everyones having a productive week!

Oh, I almost forgot, Danbo’s been behaving this week, so if he continues to behave up until departure then he can come with. 🙂

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Photography; Ladybower, Derbyshire


Today I went wandering with my camera around Ladybower, Derbyshire, it was a beautiful day so I was lucky enough to grab a few nice shots! hope you like!

Grass, with the focus in front of me on the first, the latter focusing on grass situatied around the middle.

A very cute Lamb posed for me for quite a while

All shots were set on different settings, the lamb and view were taken on auto (on a Nikon D3100) and the others all on A/P.
Let me know what you think!
Rebekah Esme Photography.
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