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Tickets; Jay Z & Kanye

June 11th 2012 cannot come soon enough! .. Samuel and myself are off to see the iconic Hip Hop legends live at the Manchester Arena. Pre Release was on the 22nd of February at 9am! .. Naturally I tried to get hold of such tickets by all means possible! .. being ever so slightly *cough*irrelevant*cough* in the celebrity world I found it impossible to locate tickets! (there’s something to be said for being an O2 customer.. *makes a note for future reference*).

However, when the morning of the 24th came around I was a determined little state! .. I sat clicking refresh from about 8 minutes to 9 (release time). When the clock struck so did I.. POW!

Ok so I realise the upper tier isn’t exactly the best viewing platform but I reckon the atmosphere will be immense either way!
So my unscheduled insomnia was worth it in the end! .. Tickets read and received.
Over and out.

I’ll let you guys know if this happens 😉 hahaa!

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Take That; Progress Live Tour.


Sitting feet above the stage it was difficult to capture the specks in the distance, however the show was incredible and my camera served me well from the position I was in. Take That are well worth a visit (if you can get hold of a ticket or two). The Manchester Stadium was practically packed out. To anyone going, have an amazing time, I did!

Rebekah Esme Photography.

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