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Festivities; present idea’s for the guy who has everything

For the person who has everything for christmas, why not get them something thoughtful, personal and unique. ShanaLogic (an American based company) stocks a collection of weird and wonderful gifts perfect for those looking to original ideas this christmas!

One of my personal favourite finds being that of the Mouse Headphones with the description reading ‘You’ll be the coolest (and by far the cutest!) kid on the block rockin’ these hand-crocheted mouse-ear headphones! Each headphone has been crocheted with love using grey and hot pink yarn … Just put these cuties on, plug in the tunes and you’re ready to go!’

Another unique gift found is the Northern Lights ring described by ShanaLogic as ‘You’ll love this ring featuring a beautiful mix of a color changing mist and a deep black and silver shimmer. The effect is like the Northern Lights! This hand-painted piece shifts gorgeously in the light and we guarantee compliments – it’s just magical’

 Or, I suppose you could always go one better with iwantoneofthose.com and Name a Star. This gift allows you to ‘Name a star after a loved one with the Intergalactic Star Database and show them just what a star they are to you! Gazing up at a blanket of stars is one of life’s great pleasures. Whether you’re a casual stargazer, spend the whole night attached to your telescope, or simply want to make your mark in the heavens, why not name your very own star?’ I must admit this is a personl fave of mine, something different and unique!

 I’m already laughing before I’ve even posted my next great find. Become a Chav.Do you have friends that are secret chavs? Well you can ignite their true chavness with this complete Chav Pack. This Pack will be all you need to get you on your way to become a true Chav. It will guide, support and school you in all features Chav. Once schooled in the world of the Chav and dressed Chav-ly? you will fit in with any Chav crowd (hopefully without them smelling a faux Chav in the area!)’ I have to admit, I think it’s just because the pack reads ‘Personalised ASBO registation card – recieve ASBO of your choice’ .. For my birthday in January, 2 friends bought me ‘Become a Lady’ and I must say, it is up there in the list of the greatest present I have ever recieved!

Websites like these always have great gifts to choose from for something different this christmas! .. Also try  Urban Outfitters, Not on the Highstreet, Buy a Gift and for something totally different Virgin Experiences.

Note to Bonxy, don’t think of cheating and getting my anything off this list 😛 #justsaying.


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