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Harry Potter Studio Tour; Watford, London

So I’ve been wittering for what feels like a century about visiting the wonderful world of Harry Potter and promised you an in depth review of the experience upon my return but I’m going to be honest, my reasoning for not writing this sooner is being I’ve spent the last week running round in my newly acquired Gryffindor Scarf casting almighty spells with my Olivanders wand. And yes, Bellatrix Lestranges wand did choose me.

Turning up at the studio’s around an hour before we were due to begin our tour meant we had much needed extra time to study the store inside the studios, filled with the most desirable Harry Potter merchandise. It really is possible to purchase everything in their, from the Chocolate Frog to Dumbledore’s Robes.. Just make sure you have deep pockets.

Harry Potter Studio Tour is located in Watford, just outside London, the tour is inside the Leavesden Studios divided into three enormous sections for guest to wander at their leisure. Props to the staff at the studio’s, organisation is to a T there, with hundreds of excited guest not kept waiting, everything ran to time. Whilst queuing we were able to admire the Cupboard under the stairs from Harry Potters Early Years at the Dudley’s..

TIP- Take photos NOW, this is your one and only chance to get a glimpse of the set.

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