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Daily Booth; Social Media

I’ve had a bit of a Social Media kick as of late and decided there’s a few band waggons hanging around I feel the need to jump on.

Firstly, I’ve traded in 365project for blipfoto. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this one yet and it still remains to be decided whether I keep up my 365 alongside blip. I felt a new community was in need. After a year on 365 I’d become settled, content, if you will, so a new challenge should hopefully hold my interest a little longer.

Secondly, as of today, I’ve joined the Daily Booth community. Not quite sure how it work yet, nor what I will gain from it I thought I’d try it none the less. Thus, proving that new hair really does give you a new lease in life.

.. it would appear noone likes me on there yet! .. anyway .. if your a lover of any of these feel free to get intouch.. I need a friend.. or 10!

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