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Rihanna; Diamond World Tour

Well, it’s not often a support act is in danger of outshining the star of the show – but David Guetta came pretty close on at the Rihanna gig held at the Stadium of Light, Sunderland on thursday night.

I was slightly sceptical towards how club tracks would translate in the stadium but of course, Guetta managed to make it feel like an intimate dance floor and with his track record of hit after hit it proved impossible to shoe-horn them all into just a one hour set. The ones we were treated to though were jam-packed with energy and enthusiasm.

Next one it will be the Hadestown tour, Opening number Play Hard, featuring Ne-Yo and Akon, set the scene as he whipped the crowd who were filtering into the stadium into a sea of jumping bodies. Guetta maintained an exhilarating pace through tracks such as Sweat, Turn Me On and Titanium.

As he manned the decks, plumes of smoke and red ribbons billowed into the audience and we were sad to see Guetta vacate after his hour set.

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Jay Z & Kanye West- Watch the Throne World Tour; Manchester, UK

I’m sure we all remember my overwhelming excitement fit for a 4 year old on christmas morning when I purchased our Jay Z and Kanye tickets. Well last Monday we finally made it to see the incrediable duo at the Manchester Arena and its safe to say they did not disappoint.

For months prior to the run up I made the other half, Bonxy, listen to, and learn, all the songs on the Watch the Throne album (well!.. I couldn’t be signing along to myself now could I?!) Sceptical at first, it took him a while to get into but to a great success the show did not disappoint.

Prior to the tour I simply can’t remember my expectations, I mean I knew it was going to be epic.. but it truely was mind blowing. The crowd errupted as the pair rose from below! .. It’s possible I even cried at the sight of them. Yes, I am sad but the atmosphere was immense.

Following the pair from a wee nipper made the show for me, the aspect that they played their individual hits allowed me to Scream Shout Dance and ‘Diamond’ away at the classics! .. 99 Problems, Goldigga, Touch the Sky and ALL OF THE LIGHTS were amongst my favourites! And, you’ve gotta agree, knowing the lyrics to every old school song does make it that little bit more AMAZING!

After a 3 hour stint Kanye and Jay Z left the stage to an insane amount of stomping and shouting, Can I Get An Encore?

And what an Encore it was! 6 remditions of NI*GAS IN PARIS made it. Amazing night, the BEST concert of my life. Thinking of selling your tickets? DON’T .. or infact do.. and give me a ‘Holla’..

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Cher Lloyd; Leeds O2 Academy

De de de de dum dum, de dum dum .. guess where I’ve been this weekend with my wonderful boyfriend Sam?

Obviously Leeds.. the O2 academy to see the wonderful Cher Lloyd on her Sticks and Stones tour! I’m sure we all know how much love I have for the girl, supporting her since her very first appearance on the XFactor, she has been in my life ever since <3 haa!

I realise I offer only a bias opinion but I really do feel her show was fantastic, she has such a raw voice and her ability to perform and sing live brought the room to life.

Naturally I intended to stroll up with my digi cam .. however, its absent as of late and with my phone being critically low on battery it left me with no other option than to take my big SLR with me. With Norris the Nikon in hand we queued up.. forgetting that little venues don’t tend to allow the use of ‘professional photograph’ it was only a matter of waiting before the marshal’s took him from me, quarantining him away until the very end.

Oh and my ‘critically low’ phone died. Beyond gutted that I couldn’t even snap a shot of my beloved Cher. We did however have a fantastic time, Cher sang a great number of songs from her debut album along with a collection of classics. She’s a natural performer and a star in the making, I can only predict great things for her future.

If you are going to go to her tour however, avoid taking mum and dad, the place is packed out with 12 year olds who love to shriek not quite the scene for the parents.


… de de de de dum dum, de dum dum

Sam’s wrote his review of the gig! Be sure to check it out here.

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Tickets; Jay Z & Kanye

June 11th 2012 cannot come soon enough! .. Samuel and myself are off to see the iconic Hip Hop legends live at the Manchester Arena. Pre Release was on the 22nd of February at 9am! .. Naturally I tried to get hold of such tickets by all means possible! .. being ever so slightly *cough*irrelevant*cough* in the celebrity world I found it impossible to locate tickets! (there’s something to be said for being an O2 customer.. *makes a note for future reference*).

However, when the morning of the 24th came around I was a determined little state! .. I sat clicking refresh from about 8 minutes to 9 (release time). When the clock struck so did I.. POW!

Ok so I realise the upper tier isn’t exactly the best viewing platform but I reckon the atmosphere will be immense either way!
So my unscheduled insomnia was worth it in the end! .. Tickets read and received.
Over and out.

I’ll let you guys know if this happens 😉 hahaa!

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