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Cars; trading in Citroen C2 for a Mini

I’ve had Percy, My little Citroen C2 for around 3 years now. He’s such a lovely little motor, but he’s getting old and tired. With around 80k miles on the clock I’ve decided to trade him in.

Choosing a new car is hard! So many choices on the surface, but on closer inspection, the choice becomes limited. So here I was, with my list of requirements:

  1. Diesel (I do far too many miles to warrant another petrol!)
  2. Medium Sized (being female makes me an awful parker, the alloys of an Insignia would not thank me! That being said, I’d appreciate a little more metal round me than the Dodgem’s provide for all my Motorway Driving)
  3. Low Mileage (I’m going to put a good 70k on this car so let’s not start too high)
  4. And of course, Pretty. I wanted something that looks good!

Taking my requirements into account, and doing a little surfing of Auto Trader, put me onto the following,

The Suspects:

Citroen DS3 Hatchback:

Pros: The Citroen DS3 is the company’s answer to the Mini and Fiat 500, and it gives you a lot of style for your money. The engines are strong, it has a classy cabin and every version comes well equipped.

Cons: It’s nowhere near as sharp as a Mini to drive and rear space isn’t great. It’s arguably a lot of dollar for a car that’ll depreciate quicker than its 0-60. Continue reading

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