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Festivities; a little touch of Christmas.

Christmas 2011, one to remember. We had our Christmas meal at the Wentbridge House Hotel, Pontefract this year. It was beautiful. To start I had a seafood risotto followed by a touch of tradition, a turkey dinner.

I ended my meal with a chocolate pudding come brownie. It was simply beautiful.
Boxing day was spent in Stockton on tees with Sam.

The boys played with their helicopter .. standard males at christmas perhaps?! haa

.. and they played with Norris the Nikon! haa

Hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas.. Until next year..

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Charity; Shoebox presents for Romania

I used to love making the shoe boxes to send abroad in school, well in primary school.. when you get to high school it seemed to drop of the ever growing list of cool things to do. So this year we started it again! .. I only managed to do 5 boxes but its better than nothing. However I seem to remember the boxes being child orientated previously, now they require specific items to be sent for the entire family. So I skipped along to Boyes and Asda to buy inexpensive items to fill my shoe boxes. Making each box even, I packed them full of the following:

A Hat, Scarf, Gloves, Socks
Toothbrush, Toothpaste
Shampoo, Soap, Flannel
Plasters, Nailclippers, Razors
Toys (army figures, playing cards, cars, dolls)
Pens, Pencils, Writing pads, Felt Tip pens
and a cuddly toy 🙂

I did well with the content of the box, almost everything requested on the list I added, however the same cannot be said for the quality of the box itself. I can’t wrap, so don’t expect a christmas present from me wrapped by my hands haa!
Link Romania is such a great charity, and making the boxes are such fun to do and can be made very inexpensive. We spent around £10 per box. But this could have been done much cheaper if we would have bought throughout the year in the sales ect. Asda was the most cost effective place to buy my items (A pack of 4 flannels worked out at around 50p!)
I intend on being very prepared for christmas 2012 and shall definitely be nagging at my friends to do a box each for Link Romania, even have a fun night in making up our boxes, an excuse for an evening with the girls and a glass of vino! haaa!

Link Romania Shoebox

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