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Snowboarding; Excape Castleford

I’d love to be able to Snowboard, those Skiing holiday’s look so beautiful in the movies don’t they? And after Chalet Girl who can blame me for wanting to give it a go! .. I drive past Xscape in Castleford, Yorkshire every day for work, and we visit on average around 3 times a month for the Cinema/Bowing and just general eateries! .. it’s a great place that’s constantly buzzing! So I thought I’d book us in for a Snowboarding lesson (potentially another thing to add to my list of ‘can’t do’s’)

Me Sam and James booked in for a later lesson, thinking it may be a little less busy, resulting in less people to laugh at us falling. Having never snowboarded before we were signed up to the beginners class with another 4 people, all of the same level.  Assigned to an instructor he spent the first 30minutes(ish) taking us through the basics of actually putting the board on and being able to move around the snow on it, slightly tedious yet a necessary practice!

Once mastered we moved on to the more exciting elements of the lesson, actual snowboarding.

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Manchester; Catapult Experience

For Sam’s birthday back in October 2011 I decided to step away from the norm and look for a unique, experience present. I don’t believe anything is as nice as getting someone something that’s little bit more personal, and after excessive stressing, I opted for the Catapult Experience I’d watched David Hasslehoff take part in on ITV’s Red or Black earlier that season,

I knew this experience wasn’t going to match up to that of his Bungee Jump he and his friend James competed back in November 2011, but I thought it might be a different kind of thrill. Stations for the UK Bungee are situated around the UK, our closest port was Manchester so on the morning of the 18th we upped and left for Tatton Park, Cheshire.

Clearly I was more excited than Sam who just shrugged it off as ‘just another jump’ appearing far more interested in the signs for Creamfields Traffic we caught glimpses of on the way haa! But as we pulled up the excitement set up on us both equally.

To me, it looked so high and chills shot down my spine each time I watched a different soul being fired up into the air.. still fixated, we eagerly made our way towards reception.

Checked in by a lovely Yorkshire Lad, we told him where we journeyed up from and he informed us more of UK Bungee Club action happens over at Magna, Rotherham, only a stone through away from my house! Mental note to self to forget all given information.

After only a couple of minutes of waiting the guys had Sam strapped up and ready to be catapulted. Checking numerous times that the straps were not impending any regions they shouldn’t. As Sam made his way toward the Catapult my heart was jumping! Yep, I was definitely more excited than he was!

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Relationship, peak into my love life

Carry the story on…

Your probably wondering what this random blog post is, ‘a picture with a link that doesn’t go anywhere?’ .. well, on the 8th of August me and Sam celebrated our first anniversary.

Sam’s you typical technical male, if he’s not on his Xbox he’s attached to his laptop and blackberry. He assists with my blog more than you could imagine and copes with my ridiculous requests such as ‘can you move my banner a fraction to the left’ so I suppose I allow him the privilege of hacking into my blog every once in a while,

So this was how my day started, a link from my blog to his with the most wonderful, thoughtful blog post of how we met and a summary of our years activities and adventures.

We both slaved our way through the day until 4pm struck and we headed for home, Sam appeared later that evening clutching a beautiful bouquet, I made a little display of presents being the creative being that I am.. or try to be, and we sat and opened them. Obviously I’m the best girlfriend in the world so considering I won’t be at Creamfields Festival with him, I provided him with some Converse style shoe convers to ensure he keeps his white plimsolls whiter than white.

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Jay Z & Kanye West- Watch the Throne World Tour; Manchester, UK

I’m sure we all remember my overwhelming excitement fit for a 4 year old on christmas morning when I purchased our Jay Z and Kanye tickets. Well last Monday we finally made it to see the incrediable duo at the Manchester Arena and its safe to say they did not disappoint.

For months prior to the run up I made the other half, Bonxy, listen to, and learn, all the songs on the Watch the Throne album (well!.. I couldn’t be signing along to myself now could I?!) Sceptical at first, it took him a while to get into but to a great success the show did not disappoint.

Prior to the tour I simply can’t remember my expectations, I mean I knew it was going to be epic.. but it truely was mind blowing. The crowd errupted as the pair rose from below! .. It’s possible I even cried at the sight of them. Yes, I am sad but the atmosphere was immense.

Following the pair from a wee nipper made the show for me, the aspect that they played their individual hits allowed me to Scream Shout Dance and ‘Diamond’ away at the classics! .. 99 Problems, Goldigga, Touch the Sky and ALL OF THE LIGHTS were amongst my favourites! And, you’ve gotta agree, knowing the lyrics to every old school song does make it that little bit more AMAZING!

After a 3 hour stint Kanye and Jay Z left the stage to an insane amount of stomping and shouting, Can I Get An Encore?

And what an Encore it was! 6 remditions of NI*GAS IN PARIS made it. Amazing night, the BEST concert of my life. Thinking of selling your tickets? DON’T .. or infact do.. and give me a ‘Holla’..

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Bungee UK; Sam & James jump Teeside Transporter Bridge

Firstly credit where credits due guys! .. After watching Sam and James do their bungee jump yesterday I have to say, it’s something I would not be able to do! I did however take some snaps of them in action!

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