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Whats Thicker? Blood or Water..

Last night, the UK saw the return of the 3rd season of The Vampire Diaries. I have to admit,
although I’m not one of those ‘Twi-hard’ vampire lovers, I do get a little over excited at the sight of Damon ripping apart some innocent bystanders neck, hence why I’ve been eagerly awaiting the return of the series for a number of weeks!

To begin with, I was a little bored, the whole Elaina crying and grieving constantly bores me. I get that she’s upset, and with good reason, but I can’t pretend I enjoy watching her maunge about over the whole experience. However the phone call during the closing scene practically had me in tears. ‘I love you Stephan, just hold on to that’ was so cute.
I am however in love with the whole Caroline/ Tyler Lockwood story line. You can just see the tensions intensifying between the pair and Caroline’s moody little stunts are always beyond amusing to watch (‘Excuse me’ *man flies out of her way* being one of my personal favourites from last night). The fact that when they finally got together Tyler’s mum, Mrs Lockwood, shoots Caroline repeatedly with wooden bullets was something I didn’t foresee and has made me so excited for next week’s episode!
Being a little Vampire Diaries geek as I am, I got the camera out and decided to shoot some Vampire-esk shots of my own. I keep my hope that Damon will come round for a drink one day soon..

Until then..

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