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Asia; Flying with Bangkok Airways.

Bangkok Airways, the cheap, easy way to fly around Asia. As always with these budget airlines, I’m sceptical when it comes to the facilities, and service they provide. For only £29 for a flight how can they possibly provide good service when compared to the western companies who, let’s be honest, fail in this department.

To my great surprise, and I do really mean great, Bangkok Airways provide one of the highest, if not these highest, ranking short hall services in the world. Continue reading

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Asia; Thailand: how to stay safe on a Tuk Tuk

Bangkok, renowned for the notorious Tuk Tuk. These days more and more tourists flock to the beautiful capital of Thailand to dive into the culture, experience the cuisine of the East and shop among some of the cheapest markets.

When attempting to get around this city of hustle and bustle a Tuk Tuk can be quite the appealing. Drivers will lure you in with their knowledge and promises to take you to see the true heart of the capital, but be warned, Tuk Tuk’s are not always what they appear. Continue reading

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Asia; Exploring the city of smiles, Thailand

You can’t begin to explain the sheer beauty of Thailand to those who have yet to experience it. The scenery is out of this world in many parts and leaves you breathless, longing for more.

My top tips for anyone wishing to visit the land of smiles would be to research exactly what you want from your trip, the diversity of the country allows travellers to experience a whole different realm of culture from island to city. For those wanting to explore I heavily suggest heading east with an open mind, be willing to embrace whatever the country has to throw at you. Continue reading

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Asia; Vaccinations for Thailand Travel

Travelling to exotic destinations and stepping outside of your comfort zone is one of the most exciting things you will ever do. But when you start buying your new bikini’s & miniature cosmetics spare a thought for the vaccinations you will require when visiting different parts of the world.

In 2 weeks I venture off to Thailand, Asia. Having never been to Asia mean’t I required a whole load of new injections to keep me safe on my travels. I found a useful website and under Travellers Health I found all the required, and suggested, injections for Thailand.

Make sure you do your research, some vaccinations are required anything up to 6 weeks prior to visiting your country so get in in good time.


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