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Welcome to the new, exciting way to holiday this summer. Oasis Collections is now taking travellers by storm with their innovative, luxurious travel portfolio. Putting together a collection of luxe apartments, homes and villas handpicked by their travel guru’s in some of the most exclusive and sort after destinations worldwide has left the traditional holiday experience for dead.

Oasis Collections offer so much more than just a bed for the night, they provide guests with the service expected from a 5 star hotel in Mid-Manhattan. Personal Concierge and access to their Private Members Club is what sets them apart from the rest.

So why is this such a good idea? The travel market has seen as influx of guests renting homes/villas in far destinations as an alternative to the traditional hotel. Travellers want the freedom to pay less and visit eateries of their choice, the no strings attached approach. Renting holiday homes is a much freer, personal experience, one that Oasis Collections have evidently succeeded in portraying in the excellent array of properties available for hire across the globe.

With the likes of Elle, Vanity Fair & Conde Nast’s Traveller backing Oasis Collection’s unique venture, it’s only a matter of time before the sensation sweeps the globe. Don’t leave me behind, I hope to spend some time with Oasis Collections in the foreseeable.


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