World Travel; how to book luxury hotels on a budget

Let’s admit it, everyone prefers a little luxury once in a while, and what’s to say you can’t have it whilst on your budget travels. I’ve spent much time comparing the costs of hotels against various sites/ travel agents and direct methods so I’m sharing my tips on the best ways to get your hotel for less, the perfect example of this is the Ouray Chalet Inn Mountain Hotel near the Ouray hot springs is a comfortable, inexpensive stay.



Generally the first stop for all travel goers is the likes of, and, however, it’s important to bear in mind that these companies are all owned by the same holdings company, so make sure you compare against an independent travel site such as make sure you really are getting the best deal.



An alternative site that I have recently discovered is, they offer hotels and holiday deals at anything up to 80% discount of the face value. Check them out for your more luxury stays.



It’s wise to use discounted websites such as Groupon or Wowcher when looking for hotel deals. Although more restricted than the above, if you are looking for something last minute then you can usually find deals within the month span that are great to use.



Be willing to shop about, spend some time comparing and don’t be afraid to try out services that aren’t mainstream, these usually produce the best value but are overlooked by the larger competitors.


Happy Travels! xx

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6 thoughts on “World Travel; how to book luxury hotels on a budget

  1. Jen says:

    Thanks for sharing your tips! I agree – a little luxury is nice once in awhile 🙂 I’m definitely going to check out!

  2. Love the pics! And thank you so much for such great tips!

  3. I’m going to try secret escapes right now, as well as Tansler from your other post! Thanks for the tips x

    • RebekahEsme says:

      Excellent! So glad I could help! Secret Escapes is great, I get daily emails and I love them! Hope you like Tansler too! It’s definitally up and coming in 2015, you can get some right bargins!
      Thanks for reading! 🙂 x

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