World Travel; Flying Economy with Budget Lines

Ryanair appears to have received quite an influx of negative reviews on their service over recent years. But with industry standards paying close attention to all service providers is it right to say that budget airlines have become more customer friendly, and would you chose to fly budget rather than premium.

Travelling short haul with the budget airline has never been a problem for myself. Seats are generally allocated prior to the day of departure and boarding passing are readily available to be printed via online systems. That being said, I have experienced the ‘not so easy’ side of dealing with budget firms. So here I’ve decided to outline my pros and cons for travelling budget.


If you’re somewhat of the impatient kind then budget probably isn’t for you. Prepare to be ruthless, get to your gate in good time and don’t grumble at the queue. I understand how frustrating it can be waiting to board the plane, but it’s not going anywhere until you’re on board so just take it in your stride.


Where else can you pick up return flights to Germany for £39 or one way to Ireland for £19.50? You might just be able to turn one trip into two by cutting the cost of your flights in half!


If you’re taking hold luggage you’re more than likely going to get stung. Be careful and do your research before you fly. Ryanair offers hold for around £30 each way, make sure you factor this into your total costs before you chose your airline.


The majority of countries in the world have their own budget airline firms, this makes your trip across the globe much cheaper and easily achievable. Catch a cheap flight to India and then look up Air Asia for all internal and short haul flights. You’ll be surprised at the doors budget airlines open.


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One thought on “World Travel; Flying Economy with Budget Lines

  1. caroline says:

    This is great! I’ve never flown any of the budget airlines but I will be soon.

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