Travel Food, the good and the bad

I’m sure more than enough of us are well conversed in the art of ‘pre-holiday diets’, I know I’m a sucker for fad dieting! But how can you make sure that holiday figure remain ensuring you don’t return home with an unwanted souvenir around your waist!

Holiday eating is different from Travel eating, for a start travellers don’t usually have the privilege of an all-inclusive hotel, plus we don’t have the funds to splurge on expensive three course meals, but we all have the potential to pick the wrong foods whilst away. So here’s my top tips on how to avoid gaining extra pounds whilst abroad.

Choosing a starter as a main – it’s easy to over indulge, why not opt for a starter or two starter combined rather than a main. By doing this we often avoid all the unhealthy sides such as fries and end up with the best part of the meal! Try Tapas style food if you want to try the countries delicacies.

Opt for Self Catering Accommodation – this way you can cook the healthy food you eat back at home, and it also means you don’t over eat at breakfast. Do a quick food shop and stock up on fruit to keep you going through the day.
Share meals with your partner – when we visited America last year the portion sizes were incredible, we opted to split the meal. This works better with the likes of Fajita style dishes for the ease of plate sharing!
Keep up the fitness – we understand it’s not always possible to find a gym, but get out in the air and walk, swap your beach day for a day of exploring that local waterfall.

Rebekah xx

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6 thoughts on “Travel Food, the good and the bad

  1. Wow, those food pictures look AMAZING!!! I agree with the American portions. Our children split the childrens meals. Hubby wouldn’t share his though, he saw it as a competition! Starter ideas is a good idea, my mum does that back at home anyway as she has a smaller appetite.

  2. I must be the only one that has never tried a pre-holiday diet. I usually have whatever I fancy on holiday, but try and keep active as much as possible x

  3. myrabev says:

    I am definitely a sucker for bad holiday foods and always have to eat fries when i am away but since I am traveling a lot this year will work on it

  4. Nikki Fraser says:

    I tend to over indulge when I’m in holiday. But I will have to keep some of your advice to hand when I go this year. That prawn and noodle dish looks amazing btw 🙂

  5. To be honest I never worry about overeating or eating unhealthy foods on holiday but these are some great tips for those who are keeping an eye on their weight.

  6. Brilliant post and I’m loving your top tips. Particularly the one about having a starter as a main meal. I’ve been thinking about doing this when I go on holiday this year and perhaps getting a salad on the side. xxx

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