Visiting Europe; Amsterdam

The Boat

DFDS Seaways are offering incrediable deals at the moment, and when we saw Newcastle to Amsterdam for only £71 for 2 people we decided this was not one to turn our nose up at! Although you need to be extremely flexable when booking such deals, and a little careful when reading the fine print in terms of Room’s and Views (bunkbeds and 4 wall views were not for us) you really can get some cracking bargins!

I spent a good hour trawling through the website manually searching days within the deal period until I found the only remaining Double Room with a Sea View. Booked!

The idea behind the mini cruise is you spend a good 15 hours on the boat whereby you can choose your ideal form of entertainment. All be it I was abit schepitical about a 5pm sail wondering if we were going to be bored until we landed in Amsterdam. To my surprise the Ferry was lovely! .. Well kitted and slightly quieter than would have been expected with such deals on offer.

Our room was on the 6th floor, perfectly located for the bars and duty free shop. Food on the ship was expensive and, if not careful, you could end up making a money saving mini break a little more stinging than first expected. This was easily averted, DFDS have no problem with you bringing your own supplies onboard, so that’s just what we did. Drinks can be quiet expensive with some cocktails in the main bar priced at between £9 – £15. However a nice bottle of Strongbow is £3.70 so this was our drink of choice!


We boarded in Amsterdam at around 9am, jumping straight onto our transfer bus we set off for Amsterdam City. The commute took us around 40-50 minutes and we were expected back to the coach for 4pm giving us only 6 hours to roam the city. Both me and Sam are great fans of Foursquare (Foursquare is a location-based social networking website for smartphones. It allows you to “check in” at venues using a device-specific application by selecting from a list of venues the application locates nearby, you can also search for tips left by other users of the best venues surrounding your current location) we used Foursquare to help us select the best places to visit whilst in the City.

This was my first time in Amsterdam however Sam had been before with some friends, he tells me the city appeals in a different way when visited with myself as oposed to a group of friends! So Sam was our navigator taking me to sample the best pizza slice in the city (picture as below).

Amsterdam city is bizzare, amitst all the seedy, sex industry, are some of the most beautiful arcitectual structures lining the canals making it perfectly easy to see how locals become accustomed to the sites, simply overlooking the soliciting all around.

As always Sam and I took Norris (the Nikon) along for the outing. Here are some snaps from our venture!

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