Roadtrip USA: San Diego, the hippest place on earth

Welcome back! Here I am writing my review of my road trip across the USA this summer. If your returning after reading my previous post ‘First Stop, Las Vegas’ you will know I kept a diary of my travels around the country! Here I summarise my trip by reposting my diary entry’s for every day documented as I went along.

Room Key – Red Roof Inn

13th August 2013.

Prior to vacating Sin City, we had to make one last stop.. Victoria Secrets. Wow, Vegas is a city like no other, so an appropriate souvenir was unquestionable. We both picked up the cutest Victoria Secrets pyjama top inscribed with ‘ Vegas Secret Angel’ (this went on to be my favourite souvenir of the trip).

Vegas Angel

So we headed off to pick the hire car up at around noon. Our order of a small car soon became a distant memory. After taking one look at us the guy behind the counter insisted we made an upgrade to the medium sized car, whether he saw the baggage and thought it impossible to fit it all in a Smart car, or he feared for our safety on the open road is still open to question. Nevertheless we upgraded to the beautiful beast of a ‘Ford Focus’, just to clarify this was definitely not a Focus, more a Mondeo. It was massive! Not the best start to ‘driving abroad’, I’ve never driven a stick shift so teething problems were to be expected, and I didn’t disappoint. After a 3rd showing from the car park attendant on how to make the car move we were away!

The Car

Our drive to San Diego was long but surprisingly stress free, Free-way’s proved easier to drive on than Motorway’s in the UK and so a steady drive across state saw us arrive in San Diego for around 5pm.

We checked into a conventional Motel just off Mission & Pacific Beach. I kept reminding Megan that the experience was ‘character building’. Concious not to spend too much time in the Red Roof Inn, we got a quick change and headed down to PB (that’s Pacific Beach for the non locals) and found a great urban bar for tea and drinks.

14th August 2013.

Having not had chance to check out the surroundings when we arrived yesterday, we decided today was a better day as any to explore San Diego! Everything feels like adventure having the car! We drove down to the sea front and found a car park (or parking lot if you please).

Mission Beach Boardwalk

Food at Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach

Dull day! Tops of 19 degree’s today! Whoever told us California was sunny clearly hasn’t visited San Diego! Today is clouded and overcast but at least it’s not cold. We spent around 5/6 hours today walking the coastal front from Pacific Beach to Mission. I did some conventional souvenir shopping and observed surfing lessons taking place. We headed back up the coast and found a great spot to catch some rays.


San Diego has such a chilled vibe, a persona of freedom which is probably to account for the high number of young American students that reside in the city. Streets are back to back with qwerky indie clothing shops to retro inspired bars. Weather permitting I believe San Diego would make the ideal holiday location.

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  1. caroline says:

    This road trip looks so amazing! I just love getting in a car and driving!

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