Roadtrip USA: Miami for first timers!

Miami, identified as Sin City of the East Coast, can be quiet a challenging city if you’re a ‘Miami  virgin’. A single walk down Ocean’s (Ocean Dr) will confirm all ‘front of house’ restaurants touting for your business to such an extent you may even question if you’ve been transported to Turkey. But no fear, once you happily decline the advances of the touts you can successfully enjoy the finer treats the city has to offer!




Miami shopping comes second only to NYC. Moving back a couple of block from Ocean’s opens out Lincoln & Collins Avenue. Here you’ll find almost any designer store you are searching for to the quaint vintage boutiques! My personal favourite stops are Victoria Secrets, where you can pick up some great Miami merchandise from PJ tops to Totes. Urban Outfitters, a great little stop for any knick-knack’s to take home for your friends! And Dash, the famous Kardashian boutique where you can get that compulsory Instagram snap! Although shopping in Miami is fun you really do need some disposable cash to hand.



Things to do:

Not far down from Dash you’ll find Miami Ink, another gem that many tourists flock to see and again, providing the perfect Instagram moment. Usually you need to book an appointment if you’re brave enough to face the needle, but walk in’s are available in quieter times. If you’re not quiet that brave you can always just take in the scenery!


If pain isn’t for you then why not take a look at the city bikes available to hire across the city. These bikes are called Deco bikes and work in the same way as the New York bikes, pick your bike from its station and drop it off when you’ve had enough. There a great way to explore the city, and to get about at a quarter of the cost of a taxi, remember to take your camera just in case you stumble across something memorable.


The night life in Miami is simply out of this world, as are the prices. If your female, and you’re ready to hit the town make sure you actively become a target of the touts. Chances are they will approach you whilst you’re in an uncompromising position on the beach but their your best way into the clubs. Tickets to the likes of Cameo, Mansion, LIV & Nikki Beach range from around $20-$35 and all include limo transfers from your hotel to bar, 2 hours free drinking time in the bar (don’t forget to tip your bar attendant) and club entrance. If you make the most of your free drinking time chances are you won’t need to spend another penny in the club.



Make the most of your time in Miami and soak up the rays on South Beach, make sure to keep your eyes pealed for celebs!

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