Review, Aria Sky Suites, Las Vegas

Travelling to Las Vegas on our Honeymoon I figured now was as good a time as any to ask for an upgrade. I didn’t realise how easy this trick was, and being typically British, didn’t think I qualified! How wrong I was. We were upgraded to the Aria Sky Suites by a front desk representative and appointed a high level room with an impressive strip view.


Our room was on the 40th floor with an exceptional view of the strip! Rooms were inclusive of 2 queen size beds, a shower and an oversized bath. Impressively, the electronics of the room are controlled by iPads, from the comfort of our bed we were able to open and close blinds, dim lights and alter the air conditioning. We would also be able to order room service, browse the hotel and casino information and control the television.


Staying in the Sky Suites came with it’s own set of benefits, not only did we acquire a large suite, we also had the luxury of using a private pool for sky suite users only, and a private lobby stocked with complimentary food and beverages.


The Aria offers all you would expect and more from your Vegas stay, attentive staff really do help make this 4,000+ room hotel feel like a boutique. The hotel is centrally located, and contains within it shops, restaurants, patisseries and bars. Everything you need should you choose not to leave the resort and casino.

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One thought on “Review, Aria Sky Suites, Las Vegas

  1. JAIMEE says:

    Sometimes all you have to do is ask! I’ve learned this during my travels, and the worst they can say is no, right? 🙂 It’s crazy what you can get when you just ask for it.

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