xFactor Tour Live; Sheffield

Are all girls the same? Do we all have an unhealthy obsession with the celebrity culture? Or is it just me.

Last night, we went to see the XFactor Tour in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Although I hadn’t really built up too much excitement over the concert itself, I was in love for the moment it kicked off. There’s something about being in an arena, I mean I know the XFactor is no Rihanna gig but still. I always remind myself of one of my good friends who always used to say ‘when I go to a concert, doesn’t matter who to see, I’m in love with that person because their a celebrity’.

I suppose were part of this obsessive culture. The era of the reality star, there just normal people, like you and me, right?

From this year’s XFactor, I have only two great loves, Misha B and Little Mix. Misha’s performance was exceptional, a talented girl with a true passion and drive, she lit up the stage.

Little Mix took position in the finale. We were so close to them so as I could get a few nice photos although using only my Blackberry camera! 🙁 .. I refuse to go to another gig without Norris the Nikon so for my next few ventures, he’s coming with me.

Were at Cher Lloyd next week.. keep a look out 😉
Visit Flickr for my set. 🙂

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  1. cute bloog!!

    keep posting beauty!!!

  2. De says:

    look at their skirts!!!!
    Im following ure blog

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