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When we decided to purchase our new home, the garden was a huge selling point. So much green meant so much potential. We moved into our Taylor Wimpey Whitford in 2017 and had always planned on extending the patio from our living room double doors to bring the garden into our home.

Lockdown 2020 has given us the time, and motivation, we’ve been searching for to create a beautiful space at home.

Having little experience with patio’s myself I completely took Sam’s lead on this one, like with most DIY projects! Hubby started by consulting youtube and came to the decision that we would dig to around 150mm across the whole area. Below, I’ve put together a step by step guide on how we achieved our perfect patio.


Tools we used: Shovels, Spades & Rakes, Skip or Grab Van (we hired a grab van), Wacker (can be hired locally for the day), Wheelbarrow (if moving turf to a skip).

Before we started we ran a string from one end of the garden to the other, ensuring it was straight and used this as our marker to know where to dig up to.


We began by digging to 150mm evenly across the patio base. As we used a grab van we were able to pile all our soil in one area so the grab van could easily reach over the wall to remove.

We opted to use the same company to deliver the dolomite, this couldn’t of worked better, they removed the soil and dropped the dolomite in the same swoop.

We evened out the soil and began to rake the dolomite until evenly distributed across our area.

Our next step was to compress all the dolomite into a flat surface, for this we used a wacker.

For the next part I had little to do with the project, aside from making the coffee. I’m reliably informed that we layed a drain to ensure any water running down the patio would drain away before reaching the house.

Sand and cement was used set the patio slabs in place, this will hopefully prevent any future movement.

Total Cost

Below I’ve outlined the products, and suppliers, we used and the associated costs:

Patio Slabs – £6.66 per slab – Bradstone (colour: Buff), purchased from JT Atkinson
Grab Van – £100 to collect half a load (The Grab Man LTD – local company)
Dolomite – £15 for 1tonne (The Grab Man LTD – local company)
Sand – £15 for 1tonne (JT Atkinson)
Cement – £6.54 for Hanson Multicem Cement (Plastic Bag) 25kg
Wacker – free

Would love to hear about any of your DIY projects! Please feel free to follow our updates via our Instagram: @thewhitford.taylorwimpey

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