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The Only Was is Essex, famed for the glamorous lifestyle of fake tan, nails and boob job’s, is one show that has taken the UK by storm over the last 6 months. The starlet’s prance around in their mini skirts, perfectly tanned and groomed, so it is no surprise that Lauren Googer has brought out her very own tanning formula.
The tan, ranging from £15.95 to £33.90 and available from the Lauren’s Way website, has up to press had positive reviews. Really Ree tested the products, telling followers
‘It arrived yesterday, I dived straight at the mousse, and I have to say, I completely love it! It really is gorgeous!!’
Lauren Goodger, is a proclaimed business savvy lady and with the launch of her first product it wont be long before we see follow up merchandise.
My vote: False Eyelashes!
Try the product and let us know what you think.
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