Europe, London; how to make the most of your pound

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, especially to the likes of a traveller when met with the exchange rate against the pound. Even as a Brit, you can get caught up in the extra spends when visiting our capital city. Here, I’ve collated my 5 top tips on how to stay pound savvy on your visit to the capital.


1. The Oyster Card
You can pick up an oyster card which is used in the same way as a credit card. You are able to load money onto the card via the machines in the stations, and spend as you go. The current cost of one journey is £1.45, from this you can work out how much you need to load on your card to ensure you don’t overspend.

If you opt not to get an oyster card, be sure that your tube card only covers the zones you need travel between. Or if you’re travelling by car DON’T park in London City Centre. Trains operate from suburbs frequently and at a fraction of the cost. Why not do some research on Hatfield train station, an all-day return from there will cost you around £12 and most tickets will also give you access to the tube line included.

2. Food
It’s not always cheap picking up lunch in London, but if you on a dash and just want a sandwich on the go then avoid those costly deli’s and go find a local Sainsbury’s or Tesco’s, their on most corners and you can pick up a meal deal for between £2 including sandwich, crisps & a drink. If you fancy something unhealthy then you can always choose a bite off the MacDonald’s saver menu starting at 99p.

3. Free attractions
Not all attractions in London cost! In fact, quiet a lot are free with the added bonus that in the UK, tips are not compulsory so when something is free, it really is free. Why not check out some of my favourite tourist hotspots in the capital: The National History Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum & The National Portrait Gallery.

4. Harrods
So the place itself isn’t cheap, but window shopping doesn’t cost a thing! Go check out the Pet Salon on the top floor where you can watch uber pampered pets being groomed. And of course, visit one of the world’s most elite food halls and grab some freebie samples being handed out across the store! Who said you don’t get anything for free.

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Your visit to London doesn’t have to cost you the earth, if you do some research prior to your visit you can the most cost effective route around. Make sure you check out the YHA Hostels as an additional cost save when visiting.

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  1. Hannah W says:

    I remember feeling so poor when I visited London! Great tips, especially about the food!

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