Insurance, getting the right cover

Sounds pretty simple and boring, I mean how many times has your mum nagged you to be careful and remember your insurance? Well your mum’s right, when travelling it really is important that you are covered correctly, who wants to find out their not covered whilst laid up in a foreign hospital? Here’s my 5 essential’s when taking out travel insurance for your next trip.

1. Be covered for your destination – How daft does this one sounds! It’s true though, you might be venturing off to Europe for some inter-railing but are you covered for Turkey? Morocco? Places like these are often excluded from European travel insurance so check before you purchase.
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2. How much are you covered for – more than you have in the bank right? Check the price of local healthcare before you travel, we all know that the USA has some of the highest healthcare rates. If in doubt take out the highest amount to ensure you’re covered.

3. What are you getting up to – Skiing, Diving, Extreme Sports are nearly always excluded from your policy, make sure your covered if you plan on throwing yourself out of a plane!
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4. Drinking – crazy night out with your friends down Koh San Road? Yeah well take extra care because most policies will not cover any accident or medical care you require if drunk.

5. Take your documents – if the worst does happen then make sure your prepared, having a print out of your documents at all times makes it easier to avoid the avoidable, make sure you’ve a record on your emails too, just in case!
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3 thoughts on “Insurance, getting the right cover

  1. We recently needed to use our travel insurance when the boyf had a minor health problem in Thailand. So pleased we make sure we’re always covered.

  2. I haven’t thought about taking a print out of our documents, and keeping a copy in our emails, so thanks for the heads up! x

  3. sarah clegg says:

    i also have never thought to do this so thank you,mind u we need to figure out the logistics of travelling with 5 kids before we can impliment this XD

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