I defeated Scepticism, The Secret

Someone once told me that you are what you think about most. A crazy statement to make.. I mean currently I’m thinking about chicken nuggets.. I’ve not transformed into one massive battered piece of chicken. But that’s not quite what the statement means.

I have a friend, a very positive loveable optimistic friend, who introduced me to the powers of positive thinking a few years back. She told me that if your defeatist and upset then how can you possibly attract good things to your life. You must always look on the brighter side of life *I sense a song coming on*. So I decided to do just that, and over the last few years decided to put her theory to the test.
















It’s easy to fall into a state of ‘can’t do’s’ and so she told me that the powers of positive thinking lies with visualisation, being able to visualise what you want to attract to your life being present in your life already. A difficult feat for a typically sceptical girl. I’m not the most optimistic of people: downside, but when I think about something I want my brain witters and witters until it’s exhausted the subject: upside. I used this quality to put this theory to the test.

In November 2009 I started my vision board. Complete with designer shoes, handbags, cars and jewellery. I did look at my board daily and thought of how I’d love to gain some of these material possessions however summer 2010 came and not one of my items on my board had been acquired. How can this possibly work? I took down my vision board and put it to aside for the summer. Useless.

This attitude however, is the one that defers all the hard work I’ve done up to press. I had to think. Of course the vision board works, I’ve just set my aims too high and, more to the point, to things I don’t actually want that much. So in September 2009 I began to make my new vision board. I thought hard about what I really wanted to achieve in life and filled it with both short and long term goals I knew I could achieve. I looked at my board every day, both consciously and subconsciously.

I moved out of my house in June 2011 putting my vision board in a box and forgetting all about it. I woke this morning, March 9th 2012, thinking about my board. Digging my way around university photographs and junk I found it.
















Want to know what I’ve achieved.

Royal Ascot. June 2011- Having no ticket or anyone to go with until the week before. My friend told me her friend had backed out and she had a spare ticket if we wanted to go down together. We frantically organised transport and accommodation for the two nights in Windsor. A vision that happened so quick I hadn’t even realised it was up there!
A Scarf. January 2011- Ok, so we could call this one a fluke considering I’d wittered a hell of a lot about wanting one prior to my 21st birthday but hey, it was on the board and I got it.

Jimmy Choo Perfume. June 2011- This was a test, I’d not mentioned to anyone that I liked the perfume, it was new out and not a usual of mine. Dad always buys me perfume from duty free and on his way home from Canada, produced this.
Pandora Ring. February 2012- This was just generally up there as a filler, I didn’t actually consider I wanted it until valentine’s day 2012. It would be interesting to know who first suggested it.. I really can’t remember if my boyfriend suggested it or I told him I wanted one.. hmm. Either way, Happy Valentine’s Day.

New York. February 2012- Now this one was definitely not me. My friend wanted to go to New York and invited me along, naturally I accepted and we ended up in the big apple in February 2012. I hadn’t even realised this was on there until today. Wow.

A Bracelet. December 2011- Not the same bracelet but the same make, including the love heart and engravings. My boyfriend bought me this of his own free will, I don’t even remember mentioning I wanted one. Well done.

Gossip Girl. February 2012- Is this really linked? I’m not quite sure. I have photographs scattered of Blake Lively and Leighton Meester across my board, in character, outside various locations in the TV series. I’m not too sure what my intentions were with these visions however, when in New York, we went on the Gossip Girl tour.. even spying them filming for the next series. Linked?

The Red Soled Shoes. November 2011- I graduated in my beautiful shoes, the exact ones that are sat on my vision board. Again, I wittered and nagged for these, but they were still on there.

Love- The most important thing on my board. I had filled it with images of couples and love. Again, I had not even realised this until I looked over it this morning, overwhelming to say the least.

I think I’ve done rather well. I remember at the time thinking ‘if this thing works, result!.. I get the things in life I want.. if it doesn’t then at least I’ve taught myself positivity. A positive all round’.
















I don’t expect everyone to agree with the theory, and until I proved it right myself I didn’t really believe other people that much. Again I’m naturally sceptical. But I really do suggest you try it yourself, make your own mind up. I did.

Your journey starts here: The Secret

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2 thoughts on “I defeated Scepticism, The Secret

  1. Jesika says:

    Great post!
    I´m in a deep friendship with the Universe for years and believe me – it really is all about positive thinking!:) Also, The Secret book is a very good way how to change the lifestyle and start living an awesome life .. anyway, for me, it started naturally – I found this book just last year, but I like it a lot because it gave me names for thoughts and emotions I was feeling (and doing) years before 🙂

    I followed you back on IFB;)

    • RebekahEsme says:

      Thankyou very much for your post! .. I’ve been reading The Secret for a good 3 years now and it is fantastic! .. glad it works for you too!
      Thanks for stopping by! 😀 xx

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