Asia; Flying with Bangkok Airways.

Bangkok Airways, the cheap, easy way to fly around Asia. As always with these budget airlines, I’m sceptical when it comes to the facilities, and service they provide. For only £29 for a flight how can they possibly provide good service when compared to the western companies who, let’s be honest, fail in this department.

To my great surprise, and I do really mean great, Bangkok Airways provide one of the highest, if not these highest, ranking short hall services in the world.

Check in is made simple, no need to print your pass, just take your phone to the counter with your booking reference and away you go. Once you’re through passport control/security, Bangkok Airways provide a complimentary refreshment area where you will be treated to sandwiches, pasties, cakes and drinks, you’ll even find popcorn in the Koh Samui lounge. Sit back and relax in the comfort of the private suite for Bangkok Airways travellers only.

Not only do Bangkok Airways offer great service off the aircraft but this continues throughout the journey. The aircrafts are clean, comfortable and they even provide you with an inflight meal.. all for only £29!




I myself definitely recommend Bangkok Airways as an alternative method of transport to get across Asia!

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