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Your probably wondering what this random blog post is, ‘a picture with a link that doesn’t go anywhere?’ .. well, on the 8th of August me and Sam celebrated our first anniversary.

Sam’s you typical technical male, if he’s not on his Xbox he’s attached to his laptop and blackberry. He assists with my blog more than you could imagine and copes with my ridiculous requests such as ‘can you move my banner a fraction to the left’ so I suppose I allow him the privilege of hacking into my blog every once in a while,

So this was how my day started, a link from my blog to his with the most wonderful, thoughtful blog post of how we met and a summary of our years activities and adventures.

We both slaved our way through the day until 4pm struck and we headed for home, Sam appeared later that evening clutching a beautiful bouquet, I made a little display of presents being the creative being that I am.. or try to be, and we sat and opened them. Obviously I’m the best girlfriend in the world so considering I won’t be at Creamfields Festival with him, I provided him with some Converse style shoe convers to ensure he keeps his white plimsolls whiter than white.

We headed off for tea a little later than we’d scheduled, I get a little tense when things don’t run to schedule but I managed to retain my chilled aura, and headed off to a lovely little pub for some fun filled food.

Again, being off time we didn’t quite make the Cinema showing we had originally planned attending, so we decided to spend our time sitting in the Frankie and Benny’s beer garden absorbing the good weather whilst sharing a Chocolate Brownie and sipping Cocktails. Oh how cosmopolitan we are.

Both having the Thursday booked off, we thought our energy best preserved for an action packed day to follow, so we turned in for a not too early night.

Thursday started off well, waking in good spirits we opted to return to Frankie and Benny’s for an American themed Egg’s Benedict and Herb Potato breakfast, erm.. NOM! These really are the best kind of breakfasts and if you’ve never been I urge you to!

We packed ourselves a lovely little picnic basket and headed down to Lady Bower Reservoir.

You know that feeling you get whereby you explore whether doing this was a bad idea? Well that’s generally the feeling I experience when I take Sam anywhere civil. We sat, ate and then he decided what a lovely idea it would be to feed the ducks.. From my shoe :/ .. Yeah, I’m female, so I’m pretty scared of untamed animals. Although it did make for some pretty good shots with Norris the Nikon..

We really did have the best first anniversary and I really am truly grateful to have Sam in my life. Love you Sam!

Peace and love fellow bloggers!

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