An ‘Edge’ above; Product Review

Fashionita? In love with anything stylish, glamorous with an authentic uniqueness about it? Then you probably won’t be seen dead without a Jagger Edge cover for your beloved iPhone.

If your reading this and thinking Jagger Edge? What is that? Then god only knows where you’ve been hiding? Let me make this less painfully embarrassing for you.

Jagger Edge create chic iPhone and iPad cases to suit almost every style, it’s a girl must have and the latest in the fashion industry’s accessory craze. The legendry creators Alex Walker and Gina Klein-Yao are the amazing duo behind what we are now calling ‘The Techcessory’.

Jagger Edge tells us it was late 2010 that Alex and Gina coined the term ‘Techncessory’ and began the creation of covers for those with an acute sense of style whom pay close attention to bespoke detail.

Under each section Jagger Edge have created a haven for accessory lovers alike with my favourite collection being the V.I.P collection, standing for Very Important Purchase, clever ey? Producing a selection of items they in visualise will look first class against their world class covers.













Recently the girls have collaborated with Church Boutique creating a collection known as the Native Edge. The product is evocative in both aesthetic and fragrance stating that each soy based candle is scented with essential oils which are native to their favourite travel destinations.

This fresh brand is set to be a high flyer in its genre, with such a unique, creative team oozing passion and enthusiasm into each and every inch of their products it will only be a matter of time before Jagger Edge becomes a worldwide phenomenon.

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3 thoughts on “An ‘Edge’ above; Product Review

  1. SlaytheTown says:

    I love those candles, they’re so unique.

  2. Jesika says:

    WOW, crazy candles!! :o)

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