UK; 3 reasons why you should holiday in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire; Gods own country, or as it’s know at least! Yorkshire has some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK. Why not plan a stay in a log cabin or a country cottage in the Dales.

Exploring Yorkshire is one of my favourite past times and activities in this part of the world are not hard to come by, here’s a list of things to do when in the county.

· Leeds City Centre – the new shopping complex ‘Trinity’ has just been designed and is a haven for all things high street, if shopping isn’t your thing then head down to Call Lane for a cocktail or two!


Leeds, West Yorkshire

· Pickering – Whitby Steam Train – probably best associated with Harry Potter these days, the featured steam train was Pickering’s very own Scarborough Express! Along the way be sure to jump off at Grosmont, best known as the location for the TV drama Heartbeat. Once you reach Whitby you can climb the 101 steps to Whitby Abbey, the home and inspiration for Bram Stockers Count Dracula, Indulge in the famous Fish and Chips of the Magpie and visit the Whale Bone, so much to see!

Camping – Pickering, North Yorkshire


Whitby, North Yorkshire

· York – York is one of our more famous cities, once the capital of England, York is full of British heritage and history. Take a walk down the cobble streets and grab a drink in the Evil Eye Lounge located on Stonegate. Indulge in Afternoon Tea at Betty’s, the queue’s for this place can be upwards of an hour so be sure to get there early to avoid disappointment. Take a walk along the walls and get lost in the history of the Minster. York has so much to offer for all!



York, North Yorkshire

With so much to see and do you’ll not be disappointed you ventured into the heart of England!

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