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Lifestyle; my teeth whitening experience & tips

Teeth whitening is becoming the norm in mainstream society, with A Lister’s setting the standards portraying perfect white veneers, a cheaper alternative to us normal folks is bleaching and today, I set upon my mission to join the white teeth clan.

Prior to my experience I was full of questions towards what happens during both the process and what I should expect from the aftermath? How sensitive really will my teeth become, and how much whiter will the bleaching make mine. So I decided to review my experience documenting my step by step impressions (excuse the pun) of the procedure.

Day 1: The Impression.

Booking in for my normal dental appointment prior to the whitening process was advised, not as a necessity but it would allow for my teeth to be at their cleanest for the solution to bleach the tooth. Ok so the dentist isn’t my all-time favourite place, as a child I spent summers in their having braces changed, the normal teenage existence, but I coped.

After my normal clean and polish I headed off to start my whitening process,

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Fashion; Going for gold.

With Britian frantically flapping about scraping a Gold in the Olympics this week the only gold I find myself fixated on is the Worlds Most Expensive Bra.

Moulded out of 18 carat gold and encrusted in 500 carats of diamonds, the $1 million solid-gold brasserie at the Birmingham Estate and Jewelry Buyers, which took over three months to design and took a crew of 40 workers almost a full year to make, is much more than just an article of clothing. The major design difference between the million-dollar Victoria’s Secret bras is that retailer’s designer bras have ‘fabric’ in them and the diamonds are kind of embellished into the fine fabric. Whereas, this particular gold bra created by the jewelry store owner Anthony Aubry, sports no fabric at all, as it’s crafted out of 750 grams of solid gold.

Rate or Slate girls, but if i’d of won the Millions this weekend its safe to say there’d be one less bra on sale..

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An ‘Edge’ above; Product Review

Fashionita? In love with anything stylish, glamorous with an authentic uniqueness about it? Then you probably won’t be seen dead without a Jagger Edge cover for your beloved iPhone.

If your reading this and thinking Jagger Edge? What is that? Then god only knows where you’ve been hiding? Let me make this less painfully embarrassing for you.

Jagger Edge create chic iPhone and iPad cases to suit almost every style, it’s a girl must have and the latest in the fashion industry’s accessory craze. The legendry creators Alex Walker and Gina Klein-Yao are the amazing duo behind what we are now calling ‘The Techcessory’.

Jagger Edge tells us it was late 2010 that Alex and Gina coined the term ‘Techncessory’ and began the creation of covers for those with an acute sense of style whom pay close attention to bespoke detail.

Under each section Jagger Edge have created a haven for accessory lovers alike with my favourite collection being the V.I.P collection, standing for Very Important Purchase, clever ey? Producing a selection of items they in visualise will look first class against their world class covers.













Recently the girls have collaborated with Church Boutique creating a collection known as the Native Edge. The product is evocative in both aesthetic and fragrance stating that each soy based candle is scented with essential oils which are native to their favourite travel destinations.

This fresh brand is set to be a high flyer in its genre, with such a unique, creative team oozing passion and enthusiasm into each and every inch of their products it will only be a matter of time before Jagger Edge becomes a worldwide phenomenon.

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Skinny is none existent.

Israel has become the first country to impose legislation around a minimum weight for professional models and written disclosures on digitally altered adverts. Oh, well that is good news, only 6 years after the death of model Luisel Ramos who died from anorexia during Uruguay fashion week 2006.

Why has it taken so long for anyone in the fashion industry to catch on, the advocation of the unattainable size zero frame presented as idyllic worldwide is beyond ridiculous. Although I rant about how this pathetic societies distorted view of fashion model’s is I must appreciate the fact that the Israeli government are pioneering a law to hereby reduce the spread of eating disorders by banning underweight models from local advertising and disclosing in adverts that images have been photoshopped.

The new law, passed late on Monday, requires models to produce a medical report, dating back no more than three months, at every shoot that will be used on the Israeli market, stating that they are not malnourished by World Health Organization standards.

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Fashion Week; Topshop AW12

I love Topshop. What girl doesn’t. They continue to excell in the fashion world.
Topshop’s Autumn/Winter 2012 range.

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Today I’m wearing; Retro for Tuesday.

Today I’m Wearing my new Topshop leggings! .. and Topshop jumper infact! along with my lovely white Converse and a grey sleeveless vest top I had in my wardrobe!

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Today, it’s my birthday! .. so I’m wearing..
































I thought I’d give the converse a whirl!


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