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Why you should add Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach & Anaheim to your Los Angeles trip

As part of our larger honeymoon trip we decided to stop in Los Angeles for 3 nights before heading onwards to San Francisco. If you follow my blog then you probably know I took a similar route in 2013 when we drove up the west coast, this time was different, Sam and I had a long list of must see spots in LA and to his surprise we got through them in about a day.

The last time I visited LA I really enjoyed it, maybe it was because it was all new and shiny to me, maybe it was because I was with my best friend so we enjoyed stalking the celebrities, who knows! But this time it felt different, after a day in Hollywood, Beverley Hills and surrounding neighbourhoods we decided to get out in the Mustang and discover some places further afield.

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24 hours in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is still one of my favourite cities in the world, love it or hate it you just can’t help but admire all it has to offer. Most people have the impression that if you’re not in to overpriced vodka or Avicii pool parties then it’s not for you, but how wrong they are. In fact, if you choose to avoid the pool vicinities then you aren’t likely to come across the drink culture at all! We recently spent 4 days in Vegas, but I’ve condensed our trip into a 24hour itinerary of what you really need to see on your visit to Sin City.


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Review, Aria Sky Suites, Las Vegas

Travelling to Las Vegas on our Honeymoon I figured now was as good a time as any to ask for an upgrade. I didn’t realise how easy this trick was, and being typically British, didn’t think I qualified! How wrong I was. We were upgraded to the Aria Sky Suites by a front desk representative and appointed a high level room with an impressive strip view.


Our room was on the 40th floor with an exceptional view of the strip! Rooms were inclusive of 2 queen size beds, a shower and an oversized bath. Impressively, the electronics of the room are controlled by iPads, from the comfort of our bed we were able to open and close blinds, dim lights and alter the air conditioning. We would also be able to order room service, browse the hotel and casino information and control the television.

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USA; a guide to hiring a car abroad

USA a guide to hiring
Our post today is from the wonderful Sylvie Hall, life-loving, health and well-being enthusiast from Leeds and is the founder of

Sylvie hopes to travel the world and write for a living, she provided us with this wonderful article aimed to help anyone looking to hire a car abroad for the first time.

“When you start driving, it’s hard to imagine life B.C (before car) as the freedom to go anywhere, at anytime soon begins to feel like a right rather than a privilege.

So next time you go away on holiday or travelling, will you take the plunge and hire a car abroad? Having a car gives you so much auto-nomy (ha!), as you can pick somewhere completely random to explore for the day, put on your Ray Bans and go. Of course, you can always use public transport, but it’s definitely not as spontaneous or as rock star an experience as cruising around in your rental, with your music blasting and the wind in your hair.

I’ve hired a car in many countries such as Croatia, Spain, Sweden and the USA and found it so easy to do and incredibly rewarding, which is why I want to share with you my Guide To Hiring A Car Abroad, and for people working with a truck instead of a car, every truck driver needs to keep their payslips for this type of work.

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Matilda on Broadway, New York City

We’ve all seen Matilda, that childhood classic. The story of a bright and rebellious little girl, with special powers. Matilda’s parents, Mr and Mrs Wormwood, have no time for her and treat her as a nuisance. She spends most of her time reading books from the library astonishingly quickly, whilst they watch TV. Life for Matilda is no better at school despite the care and support of her teacher, Miss Honey. Matilda decides the grown-ups should be taught a lesson and in the process discovers her supernatural powers!


Roald Dahl’s Matilda is performed at the Sam S Shubert Theater on Broadway! Such a beautiful theater only a stones throw away from Times Square. I was so excited to see Matilda on Broadway as I’d heard great reviews of the show! We headed off to TKTS ticket booth to pick up our last minute tickets for the show and, of course, the only tickets available were in the upper tier. FEAR NOT FRIENDS, this matters not! The theater itself is small in comparison to so many others so although we were ‘high’ up, this was nothing compared to the seat’s we’ve had in the past.

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USA; 12 crazy things about America!

12 of the oddest things you should come probably come to terms with before you visit the USA

1. They tip! EVERYONE! See here, my guide to tipping in the USA

2. Tax, you pick it up at a nice round $10 and then BOOM ‘that’ll be $12.39 please’ WHAT?!
3. Their amazing approach to explaining directions ‘ok so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna make a right, and then make a left’ AWSOME!
4. Supersize! Oh yes, been faced with the ‘want to make that a large’ is considered an insult ‘want to make that supersize’ is now the question

5. Crossing the road. In England, its pretty much a free for all. Crossings are there but whatever. Oh no in America, you cross at crossings, crazy right?
6. Cheerleaders, at almost every sporting event they are there! WHY?!

7. Pep rally’s, again, what even is this?!
8. Peanut Butter, you guys have it on all the menu’s, even with Jam.

9. Flags, patriotism and dedicated love for the United States of America
10. Oprah

11. Free refills, amazing and slowly reaching us in the UK but American’s love the free refills!

12. 7/11, you’ve got one on EVERY corner.
Accept these 12 factors for an awesome trip! I love you America!

Lots of love, Rebekah xx

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America; navigating New York with The Citizen of the World

One of my many passions in travel writing is discovering likeminded people with different goals in life. Recently I discovered the wonderful Liz who created her company The Citizen of the World in October 2013. Liz has created two stunning products, the New York City Travel Guide & Map, and Luggage Tag. I’m fascinated with unique designers and their products, a combination of experience, talent & desire is what stands these people aside from the everyday brands.

I have a passion for New York and after my 4th trip decided to invest in one of Liz’s New York City Travel Guides & Maps for my 5th trip to the city. The Citizen of the World map retails at a reasonable USD 12 and can be purchased directly via their Etsy Store.


Liz so kindly shared they story of herself, and how she came to create her brand with us, enjoy and as always, we love to hear your feedback!

“One of the first memories that I have from being a little kid was waking up very early every Sunday morning and telling my dad to take me out on a “trip”. It did not matter where he would take me or how long it would take to get there as long as I was in route to a new place. He had no choice but to take me places in my little hometown: Merida, Venezuela.

I am an adult now. I am also an avid traveler. I have lived in South America, Europe and I am currently based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. I am absolutely in love with travel. Experiencing different cultures, cities, flavors, nationalities and idiosyncrasies is my ultimate dream. I think the best way to get to know a new place and its culture is by walking and mixing up with the locals. And this is where my creation comes handy: The Citizen of The World – Travel Guide and Map will help you decide where to go and what to do.


I merge my passion for photography with traveling. I also write about my travel experiences for two Spanish language online publications: Inspirulina and De Todo Un Foco. I strive to improve travel experiences by designing objects and content which are appealing to the eye while also practical and efficient.

My first project is a New York City Guide & Travel Map accompanied by a Luggage Tag. I wrote all the content and developed the sketches. Then I paired with a very talented graphic designer based in Oporto, Portugal. We worked together to portrait my ideas, aesthetic and travel experiences. I decided to design these two items out of frustration with travel books and other travel related objects: bulky books with tons of text, lack of specific addresses for interesting places and a somewhat biased narrative of what to visit. I don’t want someone telling me about their experiences beforehand. Just point me to the right places and leave it for me to enjoy the experience in my own terms. For instance, the NYC Guide has some of the landmarks that you can’t miss but it also includes some places that had a particular impact in me. My product is beautifully designed, compact to carry, simple to understand. It includes addresses meant to be keyed into GPS devices and smart phones. The Luggage Tag is an artistic representation of a passport with some names in English & Spanish, this latter my native language.


My message to everybody is: it does not matter if you have lots of little money, if you are going somewhere close by or to the other side of the world; the most important thing is to experience new places, because the world is waiting for you!”

Liz at The Citizen Of The World


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