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Polagram; reinventing your travel print needs!

If you’ve not heard of Polagram just yet then let me enlighten you. Polagram are the easy to use app that allows users to order Polaroid style prints of personal snaps at a fraction of the cost of the original, iconic but expensive Polaroid!

So how does it benefit me? I’m a snap happy kinda gal, self-acclaimed Instagram addict with a love for cold hard prints.. how could it not benefit me. No seriously, I really do believe it’s important to keep paper memories, I love scrap books and Polagram prints are the ideal size to slot in with my ticket stubs & receipts.


The pros:

The prints you receive aren’t as chunky as the original, this makes it easier to slip into my scrap books and cheaper to post.

Your choice of a personalised message is available at the checkout, making this a perfect alternative to a postcard should you travellers be missing home and wanting to post a little love back to your family & friends.

Prints are a great way to decorate a room, grab a marker pen and jot down the place & date on your photo! Then string it up on your wall, perfect!

So how does it benefit you? Ok, so you want a bit more variety in your print options, no matter, Polagram offers an array of options at reasonable costs:

1. The classic print, these are available in 3 different sizes costing £3.19 for 5 prints and an additional £0.29 for each extra print. Get it in only 24 hours!

2. The Large prints comes in 2 sizes for £2.39 and is shipped the next day, from Monday to Friday.

3. PolaSkins are the cool new design for your iPhone 4 or 5! Order your personal skin for only £9.99, a great gift idea.

4. or why not try something completely different!.. PolaSticks. For 9 personalised stickers (5 by 5 cm) you’ll pay only £12.49. Shipped in 48 hours.

I’ve got to say I’m becoming a Polagrammer Addict placing 4 orders in the past week, so tonight, I’m going to pin up my Luckies of London Corkboard Map and begin pinning my photos to my visited cities!


Would love to hear your thoughts on my review.

Rebekah Esme was kindly given this product but as always, my opinion is my own.

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World Travel; send personal, electronic postcards!

It’s always been a bit of a drag, going on holiday and having to source a nice postcard that reflects the area you have travelled to. From personal experience I have found myself putting aside half a day to hunt for the right cards to send home. Then there’s the added dilemma of actually finding a post office to buy some stamps & beating the card home before you yourself return!

I’ve toyed with the idea of personal postcards and have done some research into the best service at the right cost. Last week I stumbled across a allows travellers to send innovated papery postcard from any place in the world. No need in having a pen, stamp or even postcard! Just snap yourself in your travel destination and take it from there.

I tested out the service to see exactly how well it works and I’m delighted to say ‘I’m impressed!’. The feature works great from both a mobile device or computer and is quick and simple to navigate (it took me the grand total of 3 minutes from start to finish, and that included some dithering towards what I wanted to write!), below are some print screens of the step by step process to sending home your personalised postcard.

Select your ideal photo

Add the body of your postcard

Add a description to your photo


This also works well from a mobile device:


With the great feature of adding your signature as a personal touch!


And fully impressed with the end result! Great quality card with both the QR code and exact location of which I sent the card. My new favourite service.


I believe in today’s society we have lost some authenticity, we rely too heavily on social media. Try taking a step back & consider how much your Grandparents will appreciate this heart felt notelet. I am offering my first 10 readers a free trial. To retrieve click here:

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Getting the most out of your childhood teddy

Remember that childhood teddy you had, loved, and wouldn’t go anywhere without? Know where it is now? For a number of us childhood never ends! My teddy (who I’m sure my regular readers know only too well) Cheeky, has been a part of our family since the tender age of 3. Cheeky is a Russ Puppet and was for many years dressed in a blue checked neck-a-chief although more recently, he’s explored his desire for fashion, modelling a diverse array of numbers!

We dress Cheeky for all occasion’s and so it comes as no surprise that his Christmas 2012 outfit has already been fitted and purchased!

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Your a Wizard ‘arry!, Harry Potter Studio Tour tickets

It’s wonderful how them famous 4 words continue to grip the nation with spell binding thoughts of magic and mystery, welcome to the world of Harry Potter.

I have been a hopeless addict right from the word go with my imagination running free at the concept of mythical wonders. Like the majority, I buy into the fantasy, sitting in anticipation, waiting for the owl to drop by my letter of acceptance to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Alas, the closest I have ever come is my World of Magic book, including my own Marauders Map and Dumbledore Chocolate Frog playing card, and a slight headache gained from hitting Platform 9 and ¾ a little too hard.

Baring in mind the possible chaos that could occur when placing me a little too close to Dobby the House elf, my mother still thought it wise to get Sam and Myself tickets to the Warner Brother Studio Tour in London for September 10th 2012. Naturally I wasn’t going to rest until I got the tickets and I’m beyond itching to get there now, as time progresses we see ever more Facebook albums of those lucky souls who have already experienced the magic of Harrys World! Jealous would be an understatement when photographs such as the below emerge.

I don’t really think it’s appropriate to share this story but I’m going to anyway.. Ok so my friend had just been to the opening of the Warner Brother Studio Tour, so photographs were flowing on Facebook, I was so excited, I continued to shriek at Sam with joy saying ‘that’ll be us soon!’ .. but the further into the album I got, the more overwhelming it became, I just cried, I was so excited I couldn’t do anything but cry! .. what an idiot I really am! Haa! I hope I feel excitement like that on my wedding day!

Our tickets arrived the other day and I did however manage to retain my dignity. I’m so excited, September needs to hurry up! We’ve booked the week off work so this will be the perfect way to start our time off.

Keep a look out for our review and endless photographs once we’ve been! Until then.. stay magical 😉

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Perception; why it’s easier to dumb down for society

This morning I stumbled upon TOWIE’s own Tom P’s article defending his intelligence and the majority of Reality TV Stars. It got me thinking, is it easier playing the dumb blonde than it is aspiring to excel in the stock market.

When Jessica Wright mistakenly tweeted ‘rest in peace’ following the death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il you could almost hear the stereotypes being sharpened.

The response was immediate and vicious.

Here, snarled the chattering classes, was glaring proof The Only Way is Essex, which Jessica and I both star in, was a TV show populated by the clueless and watched by their less clever relatives.

For despite its mega-success, knocking shows like TOWIE – and the people who appear in them – has become a national pastime.

Case closed, your honour.

It doesn’t matter that the economy is tanking, Europe’s crashing around our ears, and, let’s face it, England are still a very long way from Euro 2012 glory.

The problem is, despite a stereotype fuelled by years of Essex Girl jokes, we’re not all uneducated idiots, no matter what the critics might think.

For what it’s worth, I’ve got a First in economics from Loughborough University and, believe it or not, Diags is a former law student. Ask around if you think that’s an easy course to get onto. Incidentally, Jessica has got a degree in business and marketing management and is very bright.

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Manchester; Catapult Experience

For Sam’s birthday back in October 2011 I decided to step away from the norm and look for a unique, experience present. I don’t believe anything is as nice as getting someone something that’s little bit more personal, and after excessive stressing, I opted for the Catapult Experience I’d watched David Hasslehoff take part in on ITV’s Red or Black earlier that season,

I knew this experience wasn’t going to match up to that of his Bungee Jump he and his friend James competed back in November 2011, but I thought it might be a different kind of thrill. Stations for the UK Bungee are situated around the UK, our closest port was Manchester so on the morning of the 18th we upped and left for Tatton Park, Cheshire.

Clearly I was more excited than Sam who just shrugged it off as ‘just another jump’ appearing far more interested in the signs for Creamfields Traffic we caught glimpses of on the way haa! But as we pulled up the excitement set up on us both equally.

To me, it looked so high and chills shot down my spine each time I watched a different soul being fired up into the air.. still fixated, we eagerly made our way towards reception.

Checked in by a lovely Yorkshire Lad, we told him where we journeyed up from and he informed us more of UK Bungee Club action happens over at Magna, Rotherham, only a stone through away from my house! Mental note to self to forget all given information.

After only a couple of minutes of waiting the guys had Sam strapped up and ready to be catapulted. Checking numerous times that the straps were not impending any regions they shouldn’t. As Sam made his way toward the Catapult my heart was jumping! Yep, I was definitely more excited than he was!

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Relationship, peak into my love life

Carry the story on…

Your probably wondering what this random blog post is, ‘a picture with a link that doesn’t go anywhere?’ .. well, on the 8th of August me and Sam celebrated our first anniversary.

Sam’s you typical technical male, if he’s not on his Xbox he’s attached to his laptop and blackberry. He assists with my blog more than you could imagine and copes with my ridiculous requests such as ‘can you move my banner a fraction to the left’ so I suppose I allow him the privilege of hacking into my blog every once in a while,

So this was how my day started, a link from my blog to his with the most wonderful, thoughtful blog post of how we met and a summary of our years activities and adventures.

We both slaved our way through the day until 4pm struck and we headed for home, Sam appeared later that evening clutching a beautiful bouquet, I made a little display of presents being the creative being that I am.. or try to be, and we sat and opened them. Obviously I’m the best girlfriend in the world so considering I won’t be at Creamfields Festival with him, I provided him with some Converse style shoe convers to ensure he keeps his white plimsolls whiter than white.

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