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Crafts; Brown Paper Packages tied up with string

Christmas, my favourite time of year! I love buying presents, wrapping presents and dishing them out to family and friends! The most joy for me comes from wrapping, and this year I’ve been lucky enough to gather some of the best ideas from my friends and colleagues. At work this year I decided to put together a Christmas newsletter asking some of the lovely, talented people in our organisation to donate their ideas and traditions for the perfect Christmas!

My favourite was an idea of a lovely colleague Sarah ‘brown paper packages tied up with string’ (oh I’m a sucker for Julie Andrews!), here’s some ideas for you and me both on how to wrap your presents in a unique and inspiring manor.

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Polagram; reinventing your travel print needs!

If you’ve not heard of Polagram just yet then let me enlighten you. Polagram are the easy to use app that allows users to order Polaroid style prints of personal snaps at a fraction of the cost of the original, iconic but expensive Polaroid!

So how does it benefit me? I’m a snap happy kinda gal, self-acclaimed Instagram addict with a love for cold hard prints.. how could it not benefit me. No seriously, I really do believe it’s important to keep paper memories, I love scrap books and Polagram prints are the ideal size to slot in with my ticket stubs & receipts.


The pros:

The prints you receive aren’t as chunky as the original, this makes it easier to slip into my scrap books and cheaper to post.

Your choice of a personalised message is available at the checkout, making this a perfect alternative to a postcard should you travellers be missing home and wanting to post a little love back to your family & friends.

Prints are a great way to decorate a room, grab a marker pen and jot down the place & date on your photo! Then string it up on your wall, perfect!

So how does it benefit you? Ok, so you want a bit more variety in your print options, no matter, Polagram offers an array of options at reasonable costs:

1. The classic print, these are available in 3 different sizes costing £3.19 for 5 prints and an additional £0.29 for each extra print. Get it in only 24 hours!

2. The Large prints comes in 2 sizes for £2.39 and is shipped the next day, from Monday to Friday.

3. PolaSkins are the cool new design for your iPhone 4 or 5! Order your personal skin for only £9.99, a great gift idea.

4. or why not try something completely different!.. PolaSticks. For 9 personalised stickers (5 by 5 cm) you’ll pay only £12.49. Shipped in 48 hours.

I’ve got to say I’m becoming a Polagrammer Addict placing 4 orders in the past week, so tonight, I’m going to pin up my Luckies of London Corkboard Map and begin pinning my photos to my visited cities!


Would love to hear your thoughts on my review.

Rebekah Esme was kindly given this product but as always, my opinion is my own.

Rihanna; Diamond World Tour

Well, it’s not often a support act is in danger of outshining the star of the show – but David Guetta came pretty close on at the Rihanna gig held at the Stadium of Light, Sunderland on thursday night.

I was slightly sceptical towards how club tracks would translate in the stadium but of course, Guetta managed to make it feel like an intimate dance floor and with his track record of hit after hit it proved impossible to shoe-horn them all into just a one hour set. The ones we were treated to though were jam-packed with energy and enthusiasm.

Opening number Play Hard, featuring Ne-Yo and Akon, set the scene as he whipped the crowd who were filtering into the stadium into a sea of jumping bodies. Guetta maintained an exhilarating pace through tracks such as Sweat, Turn Me On and Titanium.

As he manned the decks, plumes of smoke and red ribbons billowed into the audience and we were sad to see Guetta vacate after his hour set.

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Wedding; Dad tied the knot.

Last month was chaotic, from wedding dress shopping to photo frame decorating we all jumped on board to help my Dad and, now Wife, prepare to tie the knot!

Having slightly neglected my blog over the last few months I felt I owed it the low down of the day.. or more importantly, the outfit!

Weddings are stressful, particularly for women looking to find that perfect dress, and no, I don’t even mean the bride! I mean the guests! .. I spent what felt like decades looking for the right dress, trying on frocks from the likes of Ted Baker, French Connection and Reiss yet failing epically. I enjoy a statement piece and so a neutral colour was not quite going to cut it. My search spanned over several weeks and covered numerous cities. London, Manchester and Newcastle had failed me.
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Cars; trading in Citroen C2 for a Mini

I’ve had Percy, My little Citroen C2 for around 3 years now. He’s such a lovely little motor, but he’s getting old and tired. With around 80k miles on the clock I’ve decided to trade him in.

Choosing a new car is hard! So many choices on the surface, but on closer inspection, the choice becomes limited. So here I was, with my list of requirements:

  1. Diesel (I do far too many miles to warrant another petrol!)
  2. Medium Sized (being female makes me an awful parker, the alloys of an Insignia would not thank me! That being said, I’d appreciate a little more metal round me than the Dodgem’s provide for all my Motorway Driving)
  3. Low Mileage (I’m going to put a good 70k on this car so let’s not start too high)
  4. And of course, Pretty. I wanted something that looks good!

Taking my requirements into account, and doing a little surfing of Auto Trader, put me onto the following,

The Suspects:

Citroen DS3 Hatchback:

Pros: The Citroen DS3 is the company’s answer to the Mini and Fiat 500, and it gives you a lot of style for your money. The engines are strong, it has a classy cabin and every version comes well equipped.

Cons: It’s nowhere near as sharp as a Mini to drive and rear space isn’t great. It’s arguably a lot of dollar for a car that’ll depreciate quicker than its 0-60. Continue reading

Snowboarding; Excape Castleford

I’d love to be able to Snowboard, those Skiing holiday’s look so beautiful in the movies don’t they? And after Chalet Girl who can blame me for wanting to give it a go! .. I drive past Xscape in Castleford, Yorkshire every day for work, and we visit on average around 3 times a month for the Cinema/Bowing and just general eateries! .. it’s a great place that’s constantly buzzing! So I thought I’d book us in for a Snowboarding lesson (potentially another thing to add to my list of ‘can’t do’s’)

Me Sam and James booked in for a later lesson, thinking it may be a little less busy, resulting in less people to laugh at us falling. Having never snowboarded before we were signed up to the beginners class with another 4 people, all of the same level.  Assigned to an instructor he spent the first 30minutes(ish) taking us through the basics of actually putting the board on and being able to move around the snow on it, slightly tedious yet a necessary practice!

Once mastered we moved on to the more exciting elements of the lesson, actual snowboarding.

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Lifestyle; my teeth whitening experience & tips

Teeth whitening is becoming the norm in mainstream society, with A Lister’s setting the standards portraying perfect white veneers, a cheaper alternative to us normal folks is bleaching and today, I set upon my mission to join the white teeth clan.

Prior to my experience I was full of questions towards what happens during both the process and what I should expect from the aftermath? How sensitive really will my teeth become, and how much whiter will the bleaching make mine. So I decided to review my experience documenting my step by step impressions (excuse the pun) of the procedure.

Day 1: The Impression.

Booking in for my normal dental appointment prior to the whitening process was advised, not as a necessity but it would allow for my teeth to be at their cleanest for the solution to bleach the tooth. Ok so the dentist isn’t my all-time favourite place, as a child I spent summers in their having braces changed, the normal teenage existence, but I coped.

After my normal clean and polish I headed off to start my whitening process,

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