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Femme Luxe – an honest review.

I’ve received emails for quite some time now from the fashion brand Femme Luxe asking if I’d like to try some of their products. Their recent campaign focused on Trousers, Corset Dresses and Jeans, I was keen to try them out!

Who are Femme Luxe?

Femme Luxe are an affordable ‘fast fashion’ brand that produce good quality clothing for fashionistas! Their brand excels on the Instagram platform, it’s easy to get fashion envy when you look through all the glamourise outfits posted under #FemmeLuxe.

Black Mesh Ruffle Off The Shoulder Top

I’m a huge fan of this ruffle top! I love anything floaty for a meal out so I can hide the bloat after 3 courses haha. Although the top comes with two shoulder straps, I prefer the full off the shoulder look. This top is reasonably priced at £17.99, I purchased a size 12 and it is true to size.

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When Travelling meets Fashion; Living the Luxurious Mademoiselle Epaulette Experience

With the boom of the Instagram revolution comes the desire to capture inspiring travel photos reflecting both culture and fashion. Here we explore how travelers can have it all with the Mademoiselle Epaulette experience.

Lebanese born Remi Sabbah, was raised in a family immersed in the world of fashion since her father was designing displays for fashion houses. She initially studied journalism and travelled the world. Her passion for fashion however led her to the doors of Milan Fashion School. She studied and worked alongside Angelo Russica, former head of Design for Gianni Versace. She continued her studies in ESMOD Paris. She then moved to Cyprus where she decided to start her own line.

Remie brings to the table a unique blend of design, encorprating, and taking inspiration from a world fashion culture. Remie celebrates her first complete Spring Summer 2014 collection and her new designs are an embodiment of that summer holiday shimmer and radiance.

Known for its high quality fabrics and luxurious designs the brand features vibrant colors, lively floral patterns, full skater skirts, flirty bodysuits and flattering dresses with a promise that this summer you will find the outfit that will make you feel truly one of a kind. The new S/S 2014 collection makes up a complete wardrobe with ready to wear designs that suit every occasion and that would appeal to women with different styles.

Every woman who chooses to be part of the Mademoiselle Epaulette experience needs to feel unique, their captivating collection is thus varied in color and innovative in style, designed to serve every occasion. Created with utmost quality materials and the finest fabrics their new designs will add a touch of spring time sparkle to your wardrobe, all you will need at the end is a few accessories from to compliment your look. To purchase the new collection and follow up with the brand visit their official website:

Travel in style this year with the Mademoiselle Epaulette Experience!



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Roadtrip USA: 5 great traveller tattoo’s to get in Miami Ink, South Beach

It’s becoming somewhat of a trend for travellers and backpackers to get tattoos whilst mid trip, these tattoos act as a lasting reminder of their world adventures and their constant wanderlust.

If your travelling America and considering an ink, why not take a trip to the infamous Miami Ink located on Washington Avenue, South Beach.

I was lucky enough to visit the Miami Ink store on my recent trip to America, but wasn’t quiet brave enough to stomach the pain (I’m such a disappointment I know), but hopefully I was get a second chance this year.

So here I share with you, my top 5 picks for traveller tattoos. I hope this inspires you to just go for it.

credit: lwils0n

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Hama Jewellery; DIY accessories on the cheap

To me, it’s important to exert your character and creativity through fashion. From vibrant leggings to character nail’s I like to experiment with fashion this has inevitably lead me to my latest obsession, Hama Beads.

As a child I used to sit for hours creating Perler/Hama bead patterns, which got me thinking, why not turn Hama Beads into bespoke jewellery.

A little googling proved that a few fashionita’s have done just that, there are many examples from Mario Mushroom Earrings to Pokémon Broaches. So I decided to personalise this look further and create Hama Necklaces to match my outfits!

Having just purchased a crazy pair of Barbie Leggings from Miss Selfridge, I decided to create my very own Barbie Head Hama Necklace.

Hama Creations are easy if you have a flare for design and there are many ways to aid and assist you in taking your first steps in design. My personal way was to look up some Hama creations and count the number of beads used so I would be able to replicate the size. I then found an image of what I was trying to replicate and made it to scale (an easy way would be to download an app which helps you design virtually).
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DIY Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelet making kits are available in abundance in the Kids section of most craftware stores, yet we spend a great figure on the pre-made, meaningless bracelets marketed in high street stores such as Topshop, Miss Selfridge and River Island to name but afew. So I’ve taken it upon myself to rekindle my love for childish craft making giving it that oh so grown up twist.

I discovered a handy template for creating variations of designs from Hearts and Flowers to Cheverons and Fishtales. Once you get the general gist of things, it really is just down to what colour string you put where.

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How to create a brand. Cornucopia Clothing, a new venture

Cornucopia Clothing is moving onwards and upwards! Thanks to the endless support of our fellow bloggers we have now launched our live website. Although taking baby steps shoppers are able to indulge online in the products they desire. Here: we aspire to create a shopping haven, simple to navigate yet transporting shoppers into Pandora’s Box.

Upon Launch we teamed up with two fabulous bloggers, and now friends, Bexx Knight of Street Style Complex and Jennifer Wentworth of Obsidian Soul & Dreamcatchers . These two girls are our House Fashionita’s over at Cornucopia, taking our bespoke pieces and modelling them with every day wears. Continue reading

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Design; how to DIY your own shoes

I love customising, from being a 15 year old school girl who gemmed up her phone case to a twenty something year old fashionita enjoying adding a little personality to my everyday attire.

It’s good to sparkle and shine, wasn’t it Monroe who taught us that Diamonds are a Girl’s Best friend! I’m no exception, and like the majority of females, we live life like magpies, chasing the sparkle. So why not brighten up every day.

Converse, the typically standard footwear of choice for around 30% of the UK’s population today, so why not make them personal?.. This is how I glammed up my daily footwear!

Top Tips!

  1. I started my mission with around 1000 Swarovski Crystal stones in hand, some fabric glue and a pair of tweezers (disclaimer: if you’ve not glammed anything up before, don’t start with that expensive pair of shoes you love! .. practice on some old plimsolls, it’s not quite as easy as you originally believe).
  2. Working from left to right I began by gluing down my crystals to the shoes. Key tip: use a good glue, cheap glue isn’t particularly durable and crystals will begin to remove themselves when met with the standard British Winter Weather.
  3. If you’re thinking of doing this you can buy your Gem’s off online, but a word of caution, don’t order too many unless you’re sure the gems are of the right size and are authentic.
  4. I only use Authentic Swarovski Crystals when customising my items, Swarovski sparkles to a much higher standard than an ordinary rhinestone,  they cost a fraction more but are worth the price for the final outcome.
  5. It’s just a case of playing from this point, its advised that you lay out your line of crystals prior to sticking them down to ensure you have the space needed.

Here’s the results of my latest personalisation! I’d love to know your thoughts.

If you’re interested in purchasing some bespoke crystallised footwear message me at for more information on prices and availability.

Happy Blogging! xx

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