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Getting Creative.

I love messing around with photoshop.. can you tell?? .. I’ve made several banners recently for different project so thought I’d share them with you all :).
The first, being a banner for my photography projects. I like to keep to a theme, therefore I run the sketch theme throughout. Although I adapt sketches, again, I tend to run the theme of princess/fashion. Rebekah Esme Photography will be used in various locations on the web where my photography is present.
The Second image being my current header, a clean simple header used for my blog, I really like the simplicity of this.
My third and fourth headers are for a project I am currently working on, they retain my fashion theme however incorperate both sketch with a girlie font.

What do you think?

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Today I’m Wearing.. Leopard Print.

I love my little top come dress from Topshop. It buttons all the way down the front and is extremely diverse. I wore it with some black leggings and Patent effect shoes from Zara.
































I love my little shoes.

The Pendent came from Istanbul, Turkey in April 2011. It’s a unique piece which is why I love it.

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The Burning House Project

James brought this website to my attention the other day. The Burning house describes itself as:

The idea that you sit, and consider the things you hold most dear to you seems quite simple. Yet when I began to make a list, I found myself struggling to limit items considering most were linked to quite important memories throughout my lifetime. Anyway, heres a collection of items i’d take with me. Or metophorically speaking at least.

Listed from the top left:

  • Christian Louboutin Bianca’s. My Graduation shoes bought my my mum.
  • Hair Extensions. We all know I can’t live without them.
  • A Cinema Ticket from my first date with Sam.
  • A heart from my best friend.
  • MAC Blusher. I’m female.
  • Blackberry Bold. Who can live without BBM?!
  • My ‘little black book’, my address book filled with all my uni friends contact infomation.
  • Cheeky. My childhood comfort.
  • Tea flask. A must for winter mornings.
  • Yorkshire Tea.
  • Buddha figurine. I love Buddha.
  • A notelet from my Aunty. It makes me smile always.
  • Glitter Nail Varnish.
  • My 21st Key. A present from my Nanna.
  • Coco Butter Vaseline.
  • Ipod Touch.
  • Danbo. My favourite present from Sam. My photographic friend.
  • The Secret- Rhonda Byrne.

This is my collection. Anyone else have any to share I’d love to see your take. My friends on Project365 are doing the same.

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Photography; The magic of Polaroid

I love editing my photos to polaroid. It gives them a quirky, vintage feel. I always feel, however, the effect works best on a subject. Using myself as the subject I attempted polaroid on them through three steps of ‘development’










Personally I favour the second image. The dull-ness of the first removes an element of charecter in my opinion not allowing for the viewer to engage with the photo. The third however, crisp and bright, gives off a cold vibe. The photo looks unnaturally photoshopped. My favourite, the second, sets about the right tones. Although slighly dull it gives enough focus for the viewer to draw attention to the image.
Polaroid can be achieved in Photoshop, it can be added as a plugin. However, to those who do not have photoshop I always found Poladroid a good app to get on with allowing for you to view your image in stages of development.

Images can be found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/rebekahesme
Any polaroid images? Please share.

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Photography; Danbo’s had a busy week

eee I’m sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted guys! Danbo’s proving to be quite a handful.. so much so that I’ve had my hands full this past month! .. Firstly IVE GRADUATED. Pictures to follow. Me and Danbo have, however, been making a little picture diary of what were been upto to share with you. He’s quite the little poser, you have been warned.

The 15th of November was a good day for me and Danbo, we went to London to buy shoes for my Graduation from York St John University. A long day trailing round the shops tired my little man out! However he did discover enough energy to have a play around in my new shoes! haaa!

Whoop! On Thursday the 17th of November I graduated! .. as much as it should of been a day about me little Danbo got jealous, I supplied him with his own cap and a party popper which soon cheered him up! how lovely he looked beaming with pride hahaa! Such an amazing day!

Me and Danbo fell out of the 18th, I warned him not to over do it with the alcohol but, as always, he didn’t listen! .. he ended up drunk on Vodka and Bucks Fizz.

Awww! Sam bought me some flowers to say well done! beautiful flowers they were too! Bright pinks and purples, Danbo decided to model with them, so i photographed 🙂

Danbo loves the new Marks and Spencer advert with the XFactor contestants in, he skips around singing ‘when you wish upon a star’, he’s also a great fan of making wishes upon 11:11. Sometimes he even drags me outside to see if we can see any shooting stars!

Ot-oooh .. all this partying has worn Danbo out! he’s not been feeling to well recently! So I made him drink some ikky medicine to see if he could fight off his cold! Fingers crossed for Danbo!

The cold has arrived! .. Danbo is bed bound! No more partying for this little boy!.. I’ve took his toys off him and told him he’s not aloud to move! Rest is on the cards!

Danbo’s been feeling a little better! So as a treat for being good me and Sam took him to the Cinema to see In Time. We made a drastic error! .. ‘In Time showing in Screen 5; .. We, however, sat ourselves in screen 4. Epic fail considering we had to sit through 2 and whatever hours of that dreadful film Twilight, Breaking Dawn Part 1. I think I speak for all three of us when I say ‘Never Again’ .. it has to be the worst film ever. Fact.

Danbo has quite a busy month coming up! .. Ice Skating in London with myself and Sam, Advent Calender opening and Christmas! I look forward to snapping all his cheeky moments! 😀

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