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Enter Cornucopia, the new Fashion Boutique.

Monroe, Hepburn, Taylor.. all icons of not only a generation, but icon’s in world fashion history. And it appears even more seemingly these days fashionita’s of the globe aspire to create the persona of an individual, bidding to carry their elegance, style and authenticity into a new era. And carry it did, today’s market is diversely aimed at the ‘niche’ and the ‘individual’ with pop up boutiques proclaiming such authenticity, idyllic? Of Course! .. until you see the price tag, inevitable.

But why do we pay so much for the unique? Money to burn? Craftsmanship is understandably made available at a hefty price but quite frankly I’m so sick of the copycat fabrics and cuts of the high street. I erne to wander shops oozing personality, authentic personality, happily satisfied that these items are not mass produced in their thousands, knowing each item has individually been customised and lovingly selected.

Cornucopia Clothing is my newest venture. An online fashion boutique sourcing all the items I would personally love to wear. Individual garments selected for their diversity and unique pieces of jewellery to dazzle all.

Brought to life on the 23rd October 2012, Cornucopia is entering its 3rd week and currently maintains around 200 Facebook followers with figures ever growing. We aim to be the brand with a difference, sending items directly to avid bloggers for review, in our eyes, this is one of the highest approval’s we can seek.

The response we have received as been incredible, let us know what you make of our items, we’d love to hear from you!

Design; how to DIY your own shoes


I love customising, from being a 15 year old school girl who gemmed up her phone case to a twenty something year old fashionita enjoying adding a little personality to my everyday attire.

It’s good to sparkle and shine, wasn’t it Monroe who taught us that Diamonds are a Girl’s Best friend! I’m no exception, and like the majority of females, we live life like magpies, chasing the sparkle. So why not brighten up every day.

Converse, the typically standard footwear of choice for around 30% of the UK’s population today, so why not make them personal?.. This is how I glammed up my daily footwear!

Top Tips!

  1. I started my mission with around 1000 Swarovski Crystal stones in hand, some fabric glue and a pair of tweezers (disclaimer: if you’ve not glammed anything up before, don’t start with that expensive pair of shoes you love! .. practice on some old plimsolls, it’s not quite as easy as you originally believe).
  2. Working from left to right I began by gluing down my crystals to the shoes. Key tip: use a good glue, cheap glue isn’t particularly durable and crystals will begin to remove themselves when met with the standard British Winter Weather.
  3. If you’re thinking of doing this you can buy your Gem’s off online, but a word of caution, don’t order too many unless you’re sure the gems are of the right size and are authentic.
  4. I only use Authentic Swarovski Crystals when customising my items, Swarovski sparkles to a much higher standard than an ordinary rhinestone,  they cost a fraction more but are worth the price for the final outcome.
  5. It’s just a case of playing from this point, its advised that you lay out your line of crystals prior to sticking them down to ensure you have the space needed.

Here’s the results of my latest personalisation! I’d love to know your thoughts.

If you’re interested in purchasing some bespoke crystallised footwear message me at sales@rebekahesme.com for more information on prices and availability.

Happy Blogging! xx